IP audio system

The Harmonys product range

The Harmonys product range consists of audio equipment to broadcast a choice of programmed bell sounds, music, and live or recorded announcements.

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Bell systems Harmonys

The range of Harmonys sounders emits programmed or manually-controlled melodies, public announcements and audio streams which are sent from a computer. The sounders are controlled by a Bodet Sigma Master Clock.

  • fonctions-et-multilinguesMicrophone

    The microphone can be used to broadcast live or recorded announcements.

  • Fonctions optionnellesControl box

    The control box is used for the manual activation of bell sounds and emergency procedure alerts or announcements.

  • Advantages of IP technology

    The Harmonys range communicates with the IP computer network which offers a number of benefits:

    • Simple installation: use of the existing computer network.
    • POE supply: simple cabling.
    • Quick and easy configuration of equipment via Bodet's Sigma software.

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