Lock Down Alert System

Protect your school with Bodet’s lock down alert system

Schools can be exposed to major incidents or threat of violence inside the premises. In these emergency situations, schools have to inform immediately pupils, students and staffs.

Bodet’s Harmonys systems are used by thousands of organisations and offer an innovative and practical approach to ensure your organisation runs on time and is kept informed.

Bodet’s Harmonys System offers a unique customisable lock down alert, either live or recorded, differentiated from other broadcast alerts such as evacuations, fire alarms or daily events. This allows clear communication, improving the safety of both pupils and staff.


Main benefits of Harmonys product range

  • Messages can be announced via microphone either over the whole site or to specific zones.
  • Lock down or panic alarm alert can be activated via control box.
  • Synchronised time across your premises.
  • IP based system powered over the Ethernet (POE).
  • Increased communication and learning time.
  • Improved punctuality and safety in your school.
  • Automated Summer/Winter changeovers.