Wireless audio system

Melodys sounders: Wireless bell system (DHF)

Using radio signals, MELODYS sounders broadcast bell sounds, melodies and warning messages. These sounders are managed by a master clock and do not require any wiring.

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Melodys sounders

  • fonctions-et-multilinguesMelodys sounders

    The Melodys sounders are controlled by a master clock through a wireless network (DHF technology) or a wired network.

  • Fonctions optionnellesLuminous alert Melodys Flash

    For noisy environments and schools attended by hearing impaired students, Bodet offers a complementary solution to the Melodys sounders called the Melodys Flash. The device emits luminous flashes at the same rhythm of the chimes made by the Melodys sounder.

  • Advantages of DHF wireless technology

    • Significant savings on installation with no need for cables.
    • Easy to install and set up.
    • Unlimited number of sounders.
    • Boosters available for large distances.
    • Effective for sites with multiple buildings.

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