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Industrial bell systems

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Improve workforce efficiency and punctuality in factories and manufacturing environments

Our bell systems can be programmed to impose an order to the day in factories and workshops at different times such as clocking-in, breaks, end of day. 

These programmable bell systems provide a framework for the working day of the staff and notification of break times.

We provide a range of bell systems to meet the needs of different work environments:

  • Indoor and outdoor sounders.
  • Wireless and IP technologies.
  • Visual alarms for noisy environments (such as machine shops, welding and carpentry).
  • Microphones for making announcements.
  • Messages can be broadcast to all areas or limited to specific zones.
  • Can also stream background music from CD, SD, memory stick or web.


Indoor wall mounted harmonysAdvantages of bodet audio systems

  • Programmable: Programme multiple alerts and incorporate as many time slots a day as you want.
  • Compatible with our clocks: Bodet offers several ranges of clocks that are synchronised with the bell systems by means of a master clock (timer) to ensure accurate timing.
  • More relaxed: Replace traditional shrill bell sounds with a gentler musical or recorded voice messages.
  • Save costs: Ability to control lighting and heating systems automatically.



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