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Clock systems


Bodet, the leader in time display

Bodet offers a wide range of analogue, LCD and LED clocks for both indoors and outdoors. These clocks can be controlled by a master clock via a time distribution system.

Clock systems range

Analogue clocks

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LCD digital clocks

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LED digital clocks

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Why should you choose a Bodet clock system?

Our years of experience in industrial clocks allow us to offer you clocks for many uses:

  • Inside buildings: offices, restaurants, communal spaces, etc.
  • Outdoors: public squares, car parks, façades, etc.

You may have heard of us thanks to our TGV-type analogue clocks installed on platforms in most French train stations, or through our Profil-type digital clocks located in countless airports.
As a French company, we are committed to the quality of our products, which we still manufacture in our factory in Trémentines (in the Maine-et-Loire département).  We also have a very strong presence abroad, in many public locations and offices.


Our clients

Bodet supplies clock systems and clocks to all kinds of companies and organisations, providing reliable time-keeping for thousands upon thousands of people, including :

schools Factories-companies Transports
Hospitals Administrations banks
Schools Factories Transport Hospitals Public sector Finance
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