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Bodet provides audio systems Melodys for the BIG BEN replica in London

big ben bell system bodet
Big Ben Replica
counts with Bodet Melodys bell system and Bodet master clock Sigma to offer absolute time accuracy. Melodys from Bodet makes the London BIG BEN replica sounds like the real one

British major symbol, Big Ben Tower has got a replica featuring six-metres, made with the famous toy maker bricks. Using radio signals, MELODYS sounders broadcast bell sounds in the replica and are managed by a master clock without requiring any wiring.


BODET wishes you a very happy new year !

2017In 2016 Bodet Time has equipped many industry’s great names, among them Petit Bateau (clothing), Yves Rocher (cosmetics), the radio station RMC, Gavottes (crispy Brittany crepes)… Bodet Time also keeps on pacing life in numerous educational establishments with its synchronised bell, PA and class change systems in France and abroad.

Bodet has redesigned its Style range of LED digital clocks offering new models, more LED colours and more functions.


Bodet present at Medica 2016 in Germany with clock systems

digital clock bodet healthcare hospital
Medica Trade Fair took place from November 14-17, 2016 in Dusseldorf and is the world largest event for the medical sector.
Bodet is a key partner and offers Accuracy, Safety and efficiency with quality clock system solutions for healthcare.

Specially designed for operating theatres, the Style 5S Hospital countdown clock can either be used as a chronometer, a countdown clock or a basic digital clock. The clock is controlled via a timer control unit.


The RMC television channel chooses BODET


A new reference for Bodet in the media industry!

RMC is a French television channel belonging to the NextRadioTV group. RMC is the first of the new HD television channels in France.


The Residence Palace in Brussels with Bodet Time


Built between 1923 and 1927, a part of the Residence Palace was recently renovated in order to host the seat of the European Committee and the seat of the European Union Committee.


The artist Hugo Kostrzewa composes bell ringing melodies for the French Lycée Pasteur


This is a world premiere!

The Lycée Pasteur in Lille, France, has replaced monotones and stressful bell ringing melodies for the class change by poesy inspiring melodies.


What is the purpose of IP technology?


The IP technology consists of using the computer network to configure and control audio systems among other things.

This technology is available with the Bodet Harmonys range of products which makes it possible to broadcast ringtones, music, vocal calls as well as emergency messages.


International Charles Lepierre High School in Portugal chooses BODET range

lycee charles lepeirre portugal bodet harmonys

Bodet Harmonys Bell systems ensure classes run on time in Charles Lepierre high School in Lisbon


Bodet Time solutions at the Facilites Show in London

bodet time solutions facilites show londonBodet Time exhibited at the Facilites Show at excel center in London presenting synchronised clock & Harmonys bell systems.


The port of Oran in Algeria is equipped with 4 dials by BODET

port oran algerie equipe de 4 cadrans bodetThe 4 sided clock installed in Oran is now controlled by a Sigma master clock.


Bodet exports its clocks to Panama

Bodet-exports-its-clocks-to-PanamaInternational Leader in industrial clocks, Bodet equipped the Dr. Susana Jones Cano Hospital with analogue and digital Bodet clocks.


Bodet Time at the Facilities Show in London

facilities showBodet will be exhibiting its Synchronised Clock, Bell and PA Systems at the upcoming Facilities Show in London.


Bodet at the WASBM Conference in the UK

wasbm conference bodet timeBodet have recently exhibited at the WASBM National Conference, demonstrating our Synchronised Clock and Bell Systems to many interested delegates.


Bodet Time at Smart City Taiwan


Bodet was at Smart City Taiwan, From 22nd to 25th March 2016




Automatic Time changes with Bodet

Automatic time changes with Bodet clock systems

Spring forward on Sunday 27th March.




Secure the time in banking institutions with Bodet clocks


The banking business is a domain where rigor and precision are essential.

Bodet, leader in Time solutions, recommends various equipment according to its location.




Bodet wins a major clock contract in New Zealand


BODET SA, clock manufacturer worldwide company, won the clock contract for CANTERBURY DISTRICT HEALTH BOARD in New Zealand.

Now travelling in New Zealand, Aurelien Paillet, Area sales Manager commented: “BODET is constantly looking forward to expand its export activities and Canterbury District Health Board in New Zealand is a key reference regarding health sector.”




Bodet Time at the service of the railways in Serbia

chemin de fer serbe

The Železnice Srbije railrways in Serbia just ordered 50 Bodet outdoor analogue clocks for Belgrade central station renovation.

Bodet Time, leader and expert in rail clock systems offers a large range of clocks for indoor and outdoor use. 




Clocks recommended by Bodet for airports

Airports are premises where time indication is very important, whether it is in the control towers, check-in counters or passenger areas.
Bodet recommends various clocks according to their location.



Bodet Time Clock expert for Hospitals and Operating Theaters

Bodet profil clock

Specially designed for operating theaters, the Style 5S Hospital LED luminous clock is made of a stainless steel recess mounting casing with a glass front cover.
They can be used in timer mode or in clock mode displaying the local time (hour, minute and seconds) with the possibility to alternately display the date or week number.

Together with analogue Profil clocks, BODET TIME clock solutions suit perfectly hospital needs especially with the HMS silent clocks.


Bodet Time at the service of the railways in Serbia and Latvia


The Železnice Srbije railrways in Serbia just ordered 50 Bodet outdoor analogue clocks for Belgrade central station renovation.

Latvia also ordered 16 NTP HMT LED and 32 NTP Kits HT LED. The kits are to be integrated in information panels on the platforms of the Latvian Latvijas dzelzceļš railway stations.


Maximise the educational experience of your students with Melodys Flash

bath academyBath Community Academy purchased its first Bodet Class Change System in June 2013.

As they were very pleased with Bodet’s products and customer service, the Academy has decided to purchase our new product: the Melody Flash.


Stay on time with the Bodet clocks!

horloges TGV
The winter time changeover will occur this weekend during the Saturday to Sunday night. Indeed, at 03:00 the clocks need to be set back at 02:00.

Every year the clocks and watches have to reset.


Bodet Analogue clock design selected by Marriot hotel in Minsk, Belarus

Marriott Minsk

Marriot hotel selected Bodet analogue clocks PROFIL in Belarus and bought more than 100 clocks.

With more than 4 200 hotels in 80 countries, Marriot International is a prestigious reference for BODET.




Bodet brings department stores a solution for managing breaks in distribution centers


Recently, the French department store chain Printemps equipped its distribution center in Houssaye en Brie (77) in France with Bodet Bell and PA systems.

The Printemps stores welcome over 50 million visitors every year and retail 1 million different products from 2500 brands.


Lisbon-Portela airport trusts Bodet Clocks

logo ANABodet digital clocks are displayed in the International airport of Lisbon in Portugal. Luminous Style clocks provide excellent readability and absolute accuracy.



Bodet time at Kisangani on Congo River

KisanganiTGV clock design success in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Gouvernerat of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has just installed BODET analogue clock of TGV range.


BODET export expansion in Asian Markets

references-time-and-distribution-bodet-timeBodet opens up an office in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The French manufacturer BODET has been present on the Asian market for 35 years and has now 65 distributors all over the continent.

Recently the group opened up an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and hired a business engineer to provide technical support to the distributors.

Bodet has for ambition to develop its abroad turnover.

Recently Bodet Time has equipped the Cairo airport, the bank of Thailand, the university of Hail in Saudi Arabia (1000 clocks), the Victorian Hospital in Melbourne, Australia…

More information on BODET clock systems references.

The Rennes’ international campus equipped by Bodet !

Under construction since 2013, the Rennes’ international campus will open by the end of the year 2015.

The Paul Ricoeur international campus will host the researchers and the foreign doctorate candidates, the head office of the European University of Brittany, a cafeteria and a gymnasium opened to the neighborhood schools and associations.

The campus was recently equipped with Bodet luminous LED digital clocks.

The Style 7 Date clock displays the time (hours and minutes) along with the date. It is recommended for use in meeting rooms, reception areas, management offices…

More information on BODET Style 7 Date.

PNO Hospital in Norway chose BODET

pno hospitalScandinavian success with 385 BODET clocks

PNO Hospital located in Sarpsborg, south east of Oslo, is equipped with Profil Bodet analogue clocks. 385 Profil 930 NTP clocks installed on the existing network, guarantee absolute accuracy and excellent readability.


New airport clock installation for the French Manufacturer BODET

logo-egsaNew international success for BODET who equipped the international airport of Béjaïa with luminous clocks.

Located at 180km east from Algiers near the Mediterranean Sea, Béjaïa counts more than 178000 inhabitants and constitutes the main industrial city in the area.

Style and HMT led clocks offer absolute precision and excellent readability.



Airbus equipped with BODET clocks

AIRBUS 3D Blue RGBFounded in 1971, Airbus is an international aircraft manufacturer based in Blagnac near Toulouse, France.

With a 2014 revenue of 60.7 billion and a staff numbering around 63 000 employees Airbus manufactures more than half the airliners built around the world.



1000 BODET clocks for Hail University

uohlogoRecord Sales: more than 1000 BODET clocks for Hail University.

Hail University in Saudi Arabia is equipped with Bodet clocks.

With more than 1000 analogue Profil clocks and 20 Luminous Style clocks, Hail University is a major reference for the French manufacturer BODET.



Maldives International airport equipped with BODET clocks

Macl logo

IBRAHIM NASIR airport equipped with BODET clocks.

New airport success for BODET who equipped International IBRAHIM NASIR airport, main airport in the Maldives.
Located on Hulhulé Island, nearby the capital island Malé, the airport is now equipped with more than 100 BODET clocks.



Luminous clocks for Bank Of Thailand


New BODET success in Thailand.
Bank of Thailand is equipped with 25 luminous clock Style.
Created in 1942, Bank of Thailand is the central bank of Thailand



Zol Hospital in Belgium chose BODET clocks

Clinique de ZOL
129 BODET LCD clocks
ZOL (Ziekenhuis oost-Limburg) Hospital in Belgium decided to replace all their clocks by 129 BODET Opalys digital clocks.
Opalys backlighted LCD clocks provide excellent readability and perfect accuracy.



High Schools choose BODET in New Caledonia

mariottiBodet installs 40 class change sounders in New Caledonia.

Mariotti, Ouegoa, Baudoux, Conception, Lifou and Jules Garnier High Schools have installed BODET Melodys sounders to ensure classes run on time.
Nice business in Oceania.


Carrefour teams up with Bodet!

CarrefourSecond largest retailer in the world and the largest in Europe, Carrefour welcomes every day nearly 10 million customers worldwide.

Lately, Carrefour has equipped its store in Crépy-en-Valois (France) with several HMT LED clocks 15 and 20 centimeters.

These clocks can display alternatively hours, minutes, date, temperature and timer.


Why should you choose the wireless time distribution?

DHFBodet designs different time distribution systems for over 40 years, including time distribution DHF wireless.

The principle is simple. The master clock (a kind of programmer) broadcasts a time code through a radio transmitter. The slave clocks capture the time message and automatically synchronized to provide a reliable and precise time.


Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia chose BODET

royal-adelaide-hospital295 analogue clocks delivered in Australia.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) is equipped with Profil BODET analogue clocks. RAH is located in the town of Adelaide, in South Australia.


540 BODET clocks in United Arab Emirates

UAE Institut des Sciences et Technologie de Baynounah Al GharbiaGreat performance for Bodet Time in Abu Dhabi

Bodet Company equipped the Baynounah Institute of Sciences and Technology from Al Gharbia in Abu Dhabi.

540 luminous clocks are installed offering absolute precision and excellent readability.


Swedish manufacturer of houses, SmålandsVillan selected BODET

SmalandsVillanBodet was selected for its digital clocks and Melodys sounders in Sweden.

The SmålandsVillan, prefabricated houses manufacturer is equipped with Style digital luminous clocks and Melodys sounders. Melodys sounders enable to broadcast melodies for breaks or alarms in the company.


International airport Tashkent in Uzbekistan

International airport Tashkent in UzbekistanBodet exports clocks in Uzbekistan.

New international success for BODET who equipped International Yuzhniy Tashkent airport, main Uzbek and central Asia airport serving more than 2 million passengers. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan.


International High School Europagymnasium Auhof in Austria chose BODET


Bodet installed 60 analogue clocks

The International High School Europagymnasium Auhof in Linz, provides classes for more than 1 300 students. BODET installed 60 Profil analogue clocks.


Technical University of Valencia in Spain chose BODET

Universitat Politecnica valenciaBodet installed luminous clocks in UPV.

The prestigious university of Valencia in Spain, Universitat Politècnica de València chose Luminous BODET Style clocks. With more than 36 000 students and 3 campus sites, the University of Valencia is a key scientific and technological centre in Spain.


Bodet Time at Educatec exhibition 2014


From 26 to 28 November, Bodet Time exhibited at Educatec-2014 in Paris and presented latest solutions of Bodet's clock and class change systems in schools.
More information on BODET products : bell systems and clock systems


Neuchâtelois Hospital in Switzerland is equipped with BODET clocks

Hopital neuchatelois30 BODET analogue clocks equipped the hospital.


265 BODET clocks for Bayan Palace in Kuwait

Bayan palaceBODET Company wins a golden contract in Kuwait


Bodet exports clocks to Azerbaijan

SOFAZ75 clocks for State of Oil Fund of Azerbaijan.


Successful international business in Loja city in Ecuador

gamme ProfilSan Isidro Ayora hospital is equipped with 214 BODET clocks.


BODET exhibits at Viscom

Bodet-digital-price-signageFrom 5th to 7th November 2014, BODET will exhibit at Viscom Frankfurt 2014, Hall 3.1 Stand E71.


How school can improve teaching efficiency?

Education magazine

The Education magazine has published an article explaining the benefits of Bodet's clock and class change systems in schools.

An article discussing the subject of "How to improve teaching efficiency in schools?" has been recently released in several education publications including the last issue of the Education Magazine. It includes testimonials of school bursars who are using Bodet's clock and class change systems. According to the schools, the benefits include increasing learning time, avoiding disruption, creating tailored alerts and reducing costs.

More information on BODET range of clocks and bell-systems

Read the press release 

Bodet exports 73 clocks for Warsaw Chopin International Airport

Warsaw-Chopin-AirportNew international success for BODET who equipped the main Frederic Chopin airport in Warsaw.


Back to school in Sweden with BODET

LommaBodet installed 18 class change sounders in Lomma.


Philippines: Providence hospital chose BODET clocks

Providence hospitalL'hôpital de Quezon City est équipé de 115 horloges BODET.


BODET equipped new concert hall in Poland

NOSPR39 BODET clocks for the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra


International High School Alexandre Dumas in Algeria chooses BODET

Lycee international Alexandre Dumas AlgerBodet installs 32 class change sounders in Algiers LIAD.


Health care: BODET exports clocks to Morocco

CHU oujda maroc

Oujda Hospital is equipped with 276 BODET Led clocks.


Bodet will exhibit at the Birmingham Bursar Group's Summer Conference


Bodet's Synchronised Clock and Class Change Systems ensure schools run on time


BODET Time accuracy in Turkish Parliament

Parlement Turc

TBMM Turkish Parliament is equipped with 282 BODET analogue clocks.


BODET equipped Zamora hospital in Spain

hopital de Zamora Espagne

Bodet provided 41 luminous clocks for Zamora hospital.


BODET guarantees SHAPE time accuracy in Belgium


The SHAPE, Supreme headquarters Allied Powers Europe, orders more than 370 BODET analogue clocks.


TV5 Channel in Thailand equipped with BODET clocks

TV5 Channel

Bodet supplies 80 Led clocks STYLE 12 for TV5 Channel in Thailand.



British schools trust Bodet

Analogue-clock-ProfilBODET's Clock and Bell Systems have been installed in numerous British schools.

They have chosen BODET to provide accurate and synchronised time across their premises such as Downderry school who bought 50 LCD BODET Cristalys clocks. The head was very pleased with the look of the Cristalys 7 and with the fact that it can be used with wireless DHF made it an easier choice for her.


NMC Healthcare -Abu Dhabi bought 500 luminous BODET clocks

NMC healthcare

NMC Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare provider in the United Arab Emirates has bought 500 BODET digital clocks Style NTP and Hospital Style 5S. With 4500 employees and more than US$ 444 million US$ of revenues, NMC Healthcare is a major reference for BODET regarding health sector.


BODET makes the newspaper in Ireland

Five benefits to the clock going forward.

IndependentAccording to the Irish INDEPENDENT newspaper, the summer changeover is benefit and give us reasons to be cheerful...

BODET, leading European manufacturer of clock system solutions has installed systems in major airports, railway stations, metros, hospitals, banks, schools, industrial and commercial as well as government buildings.

BODET has developed a wide range of indoor and outdoor clocks including Cristalys LCD clock, Profil analogue clock, Style digital clock and master clock systems.


Bodet supplied clocks for new Atlantska Plovidba headquarters in Croatia

22 Luminous clocks STYLE 7D BODET equipped the new headquaters of Atlantska Plovidba company in Dubrovnik - Croatia.

Atlantska-PlovidbaAtlantska Plovidba is a major shipping company created in 1955 and consists of an important fleet: Bulk carriers, heavy lift ships and coastal trading vessels. Dubrovnik the « Pearl of the Adriatic » is a museum city and world heritage site. Croatia is EU member since 1st July 2013.
LED Luminous clocks Style offer an excellent accuracy with a large choice of digit heights and colors.


Bodet supplies Jakarta Airport (Indonesia)

Bodet-jakarta-airportAfter Bangkok, Budapest, Cairo, Madrid or Sydney, Jakarta airport is now equipped with Bodet's clocks and time distribution.



BODET and Turkish distributor ERBEN were exhibiting in Istanbul at Eurasia rail from 6-8 March 2014

Eurasia rail logoSeveral analogue and digital clocks were presented including our IP supervised clock solution that has attracted several visitors from Turkey Rail Industry but also from neighboring countries.
BODET is a strong actor in Turkey and is already synchronizing major rail projects such as Istanbul metro and several Turkish Railway lines.


BODET supplied STATOIL in Norway with 230 NTP Profil 930 analogue clocks

StatoilThe leading energy company in oil and gas production Statoil selected BODET NTP clock solution for its new office complex in Bergen.

With 23 000 employees worldwide, Statoil is a key reference for Bodet clock systems in Scandinavia.

Bodet strengthens its fruitful and long lasting partnership with SIMPLEX FINCKELSEN A/S in Norway.

More about Profil analogue clocks

Bodet equipped Algiers metro

metro alger The Algiers metro is equipped with Bodet clocks since 2007 with more than 130 clocks supplied.


Bodet present at the FESPA exhibit in London


Bodet exhibits at fespa.com/eurosignexpo/ Stand S19N from 25 to 27 June 2013

BODET will present the latest technological innovations linked to visual communication regarding digital Fuel Price for petrol station, time & temperature signs and hotel price display Industrial LED display line of products. Looking forward to meeting you.

BODET supplier for IBIS hotels Hotel room price Kit LED

Logo IbisReferenced by the ACCOR Group, European hotel leader, BODET provides sign makers with WHITE LED KITS for IBIS hotel room price

With more than 1600 IBIS hotels in the world, distributed in 3 brands (Ibis, Ibis Style, Ibis Budget).
This major business enables us to offer HOTEL PRICE KIT with digits of 15/20/25cm in single or double sided and 60cm in single sided.


Bodet supplies the City International Hospital in Vitenam


Bodet supplies the City International Hospital in Vitenam