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Time servers

time server

Transmitting extremely high-precision time to different types of equipment

Bodet time servers transmit accurate, reliable time data to different types of equipment (computer systems, clocks, relays, etc.) through several protocols: Network Time Protocol (NTP), Precision Time Protocol (PTP), IRIG-B, AFNOR.

Our time servers are equipped with an internal oscillator to maintain precision time-keeping if the reference signal is lost.


Advantages of Bodet Time Servers

  • Multi-source synchronisation inputs: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, IRIG
  • Internal time base (Quartz): TCXO or OCXO
  • Modular design: up to 6 add-on boards (Ethernet, IRIG, etc.)
  • Selectable time and frequency output signal formats: NTP, PTP, IRIG, AFNOR
  • Secure management and operation: SSL, HTTPS
  • Notification and Supervision: Email, SNMP


Our range of Time Servers

Bodet’s range of high precision time servers fulfils even the most demanding of requirements in terms of safety and accuracy.



time server
time server
Accuracy (average over 24 hours when GPS locked) 1x10-11 2x10-12

Medium Term Stability (without GPS after 2 weeks of GPS lock)

1x108/day 5x10-10/day
Temperature stability (peak to peak) 1x106 5x109
PPS output: accuracy to UTC (Sigma locked to GPS) 50 ns ± 25 ns

Holdover (constant temp after 2 weeks of GPS lock)

After 4 hours: 12μs
After 24 hours : 450μs

After 4 hours : 0.5μs
After 24 hours : 0.5μs



Standard features 



  • Synchronization outputs: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
  • Time & Frequency references: NTP, PTP, IRIG, PPS




  • Time Protocols: NTP, PTP
  • Management: HTTP /HTTPS, SSL/SSH, SNMP Agent, IPv6/IPv6, LDAP/Radius
  • Alarm Notification: Email, SNMP Trap



picto signal tempsSIGNAL TYPES

  • PPS
  • IRIG
  • T1/E1
  • PTP
  • NTP (up to 4 outputs)
  • Customizable signals
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