Time Display in Airports

Time display, an essential link with travellers

With its wide range of analogue and digital clocks, Bodet gives the time to countless passengers in airports around the world. Our time synchronisation solutions by gps guarantee accurate and identical time on all clocks and computers.

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Master Clock - SIGMA MOD

Optimise management of your airport: our master clock ensures reliable and accurate time for your sites (terminals, staff areas, etc.) And information networks.

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Indoor Analogue Clock - PROFIL 960I

Furnish your airport with simplicity and sobriety: with its moving-hand display, the analogue clock is the classic time display piece.

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Indoor LED Clock - STYLE 10

Ensure the punctuality of passengers with style led clocks that guarantee that reading the time is fast and easy.

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Backlit LCD Clock - OPALYS DATE

Enhance your "vip lounge" areas: with an elegant timepiece, you stand out vis-à-vis your most loyal clients.

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Clients who chose Bodet for their time display needs

Australia - Sydney / Belgium - Brussels / South America - Chili  / France - Roissy Charles de Gaulles / Germany - Stuttgart / Korea - Seoul / Thailand - Bangkok / Turkey - Ankara...