Clocks and Bells in Schools

Simple and innovative solutions for accurate time keeping in schools

Bodet is a trusted name in educational institutions for its synchronised analogue clocks and its multi-purpose bell systems: broadcast and playback of personalised class bells, emergency alerts and music.

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SIGMA C/MOD Master Clock

Dedicate yourself to managing your school: the Sigma master clock synchronises all clocks and automatically deactivates bell systems during weekends and holidays.

Save on energy costs: via its relays, the sigma mother clock ensures that heating, lighting, and air conditions are switched on and off.

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PROFIL 930I Analogue Clock

You make it easier to learn to read the time: the numbered dials and hands of analogue clocks make them great classroom tools for learning to read time.

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LED Clocks - STYLE 5

The rapport between students and teachers is eased: fast and accurate reading of led clocks makes it simpler to respect the timing of breaks, lessons and exams.

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HARMONYS Bell System 

The working environment is calmer: no more shrill bell sounds. Harmonys sounders let you personalise the music of your bell sounds.

Ensure the safety of your establishment: with the harmonys sounders and control box, transmit alerts linked to the emergency broadcast system quickly and easily.

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Clients who chose Bodet for their time display needs

Lycée Français de Londres - United Kingdom / National University – Malaysia / Tobb University Ankara – Turkey / University of Brighton - United Kingdom / Université de la Sorbonne - Abu Dhabi / Université Javeriana – Colombia / International School - Austria