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Outdoor Harmonys Flash

Exterior luminous speaker

Harmonys exterior luminous speakers flash in time with bells or lockdown alerts.

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Outdoor Harmonys Flash description

The Harmonys exterior luminous speaker flashes in tandem with the bell schedule or when alarms are triggered.

There are two status indicator LEDs: one shows that the power supply is active, and the other lights up when it communicates with the master clock in IP mode.

Applications: school class changes, public buildings, industry, noisy environments, etc.

Outdoor Harmonys Flash

Technical features

  • Power 240V AC – 50/60 Hz
  • Protection index: IP54
  • Dimensions of the power supply unit: L 250 x W 195 x H 97.5 mm
  • Mounting: screw-in tube on wall

Operating modes

  • Ethernet network (IP)

Indoor wall-mounted Harmonys

Indoor Harmonys Flash

Indoor Harmonys Flash


Outdoor Harmonys

Outdoor Harmonys Flash

Outdoor Harmonys Flash


Harmonys microphone


Harmonys control box

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