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Melodys sounder - Outdoor

Sounder with Integrated amplifier for outdoor environments

Using radio signals, Melodys sounders broadcast bell sounds, melodies and warning messages. These sounders are managed by a master clock and do not require any wiring.

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Description Sounder with Integrated amplifier

Indoor sounder with 16 pre-recorded melodies.

Safety and Emergency Procedure alarms (S.E.P.). Schools: for end of class bells with customisation and Specific Safety and Security messages. Industry: sound announcement for break times and the end of working periods.

Public reception: repetitive musical or vocal sound announcement and customised with your customers' own sound identity.


Technical features

  • Power supply: 100 to 240V or TBT 24 VDC.
  • Output level: 100 dB.
  • Protection index: IP54.
  • Dimensions: H280 x W175 x D160mm.
  • Power: 10W.

Operating modes

  • DHF: radio controlled by the Sigma master clock.
  • Wired: control by a Sigma master clock or of SEP alarms by a push-button.
  • Optionnal accessory: Add your own melodies with the optional SD card.

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