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LCD digital clock: Opalys 7

Backlit LCD digital clock, alternate hour and minute display

The Opalys backlit LCD clocks fit easily into any interior decoration.

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Description Opalys 7

LCD reflective display with very large viewing angle and perfect contrast. Luminous blue background.

Areas of application: meeting rooms, corridors, common rooms, thoroughfares, lift entrances, administrative buildings, hospitals, company headquarters, banks, insurance companies, businesses, etc.


Technical features

  • Height of figures : 70 mm
  • Optimal readability: 30 m
  • Dimensions HxW: 134 x 286 mm
  • Screen size : 26 cm
  • Casing color : aluminium,
  • Time distribution : DHF, NTP, AFNOR, impulse

Alternating display

  • Date : yes
  • Week number : yes
  • Seconds : no
  • Date number : no
  • Day of the week : no
  • Text : no
  • Temperature : no
24h display
Opalys 7 12h
12h display
Opalys 7 date
Date display

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