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LCD digital clock: Opalys Date

Multi-functional wall-mounted backlit digital clock

The Opalys backlit LCD clocks fit easily into any interior decoration.

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Description Opalys Date

Multi-functional wall-mounted backlit digital clock

LCD reflective display with very large viewing angle and perfect contrast. Luminous blue background. Two configurable display areas for displaying messages, time, date, and temperature.

Areas of application: meeting rooms, public receptions, counters, head offices, common rooms, retirement homes, administrative buildings, banks, insurance companies, businesses, shops, liberal professions, etc.


Technical features

  • Height of figures : 70 mm (hour) & 50 mm (date)
  • Optimal readability : 30 m
  • Dimensions HxW: 294 x 321 mm
  • Screen size : 36 cm
  • Casing colour : aluminium
  • Time distribution : DHF, NTP, AFNOR, impulse

Alternating display

  • Date : yes
  • Week number : yes
  • Seconds : yes
  • Date number : non
  • Day of the week : yes
  • Text : yes
  • Temperature : yes
Opalys date 7
Seconds display
opalys date 4
Countdown display
opalys date 5
Date display
Opalys date 6
Day or week number
Opalys date 2
Temperature display
opalys date 3
Town or place display

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