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LED digital clock: HMS LED 45 cm

LED clock hour-minute-second

Outdoor digital clock, large size for quick and easy reading. Suitable for use in the travel sector, for example in train and subway stations.

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Description HMS LED 45

With 45 cm-high digits, the HMS LED 45 clock is an LED clock which can be used to show hours, minutes and seconds in large areas or to time events.

Fixed or alternating display: hour-minute-second, timer/countdown mode, chlorine content, humidity level.

Target markets: train or subway stations, airports, industries.


Technical features

  • Height of figures: 45 cm
  • Optimal readability: 200 m
  • Dimensions HxW: 620 x 2400 mm
  • Protection Index: IP54
  • LED colours: yellow, white & red
  • Time distribution: DHF, NTP, AFNOR

Alternating display

  • Minutes: yes
  • Seconds: yes
  • Date: yes
  • Temperatures: yes
  • % humidity: yes
  • Infos: yes
  • Countdown & timer: yes




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