BODET is setting the rhythm for the school day with its analogue clocks and bell systems.

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Learn to tell the time with analogue clocks

The Bodet analogue clock has been a teaching aid for primary and secondary schools for many years now and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Students find that the hands and numbered dial make it easy to learn to tell the time and they adapt to it quickly. The new Profil 700 range of metallic analogue clocks is ideal for school classrooms and corridors.


Digital clocks for telling the time at a glance

Bodet also offers schools LED digital clocks for telling the time at a glance. Bodet has recently developed a new Style range offering a choice of more modern LED digital clocks in a variety of colours. These LED clocks are perfectly suited to classrooms used for examinations.


Time synchronisation means that students and teachers keep the same time.

No need to worry about what time is shown on the clocks in your school. The Sigma master clock means that all the school’s clocks are synchronised. This master clock also controls the bell system. Bells are automatically disabled during weekends and school holidays.


A school day marked by a series of bells.

Each school has a sound system to signal the beginning and end of each lesson. With the Harmonys range you can have the bells but you can also play music. The IP sound system can activate voice or luminous alerts using the computer network. This means your messages can be heard throughout the whole school.


Send information to all your students

Bodet has developed the Harmonys bell system which can programme bell sounds based on different events, make general announcements using a microphone and alert messages, send out your audio messages and page students, etc. The Harmonys microphone can be used to send voice messages to students if intruders are detected. If you would like to install a PA system in your school, contact Bodet Time.


To provide a gentle reminder of the preventive actions to be followed in a critical health situation

In the event of an epidemic, strict sanitary measures must be followed to protect the health of pupils, teachers and all individuals on the school site. It is essential to be able to broadcast audio messages to remind people about the correct barrier measures to be followed: wash your hands frequently, respect social distancing, etc. Using specific audio files together with a comprehensive installation, our Melodys and Harmonys sound systems can broadcast audio messages across the entire site, in a general or localised application.



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