Audio Systems

Bodet: the Standard for Bell System and PA System

Bodet offers a wide range of audio systems and evacuation system designed for braodcasting bells, music and alerts, as well as announcements in schools, factories and logistics platforms. Our products include indoor and outdoor sounders, microphones and control boxes.

Choosing a PA system

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Melodys - Wireless
Bell System


Harmonys - IP
Bell System


Lock down
Alert system



Why choose Bodet Bell System?

  • All-in-one Solution: integrates bell schedules, music, alerts, and live announcements.
  • Compatible with our clocks: our bell system are synchronised with our clocks.
  • Design: streamlined and aesthetic designs that fit in easily with all buildings.

Synchronised Class Change System for Schools

A large number of schools are equipped with Bodet bell systems and alert system to help the smooth running of the school and the lives of pupils, students and the teaching staff to inform them of breaks, starts and ends of lessons, evacuation, lockdow, etc.


Industrial Bell System

Our bell system can be programmed to promote an order to the day in factories and workshops at different times such as clocking-in, breaks, end of day.

We have chosen Harmonys Bodet's Synchronised Bell, Class Change & PA System for its usability, its simple installation, its multiple functions and for the quality of the training.

José Passos, Technical Manager at the French School Charles Lepierre in Lisbon


Through broadcasting melodies, Harmonys Sounders increase efficiency and allow the whole school to run more smoothly. Our set-up includes the ability to use custom melodies and live broadcasts from a microphone during special events. We also perform some earthquake alert exercises via Bodet's Lockdown System.

Thibaud Millier, Headmaster of the French School of Belgrade in Serbia


Wireless or IP Public Address Systems

Our bell systems and microphones can be set up using two different types of technology:

  • DHF wireless system: the PA systems communicate via radio signals.
  • IP system: sounders and microphones communicate via your IT network.