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PTP GrandMaster clock.
NTP Time Server.

Netsilon 11: a concentration of technology.

Even more accurate. Even more stable. Even more demanding. Netsilon 11 has been developed to meet the most specific needs of critical systems, such as those in finance. Its technical characteristics and its entire design are based on a critical objective: accuracy to the nanosecond and uncompromising stability.

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The ultimate in time servers

The ultimate in time servers

Ultra-precise and ultra-stable. This is not surprising when you consider that the oscillator on board Netsilon 11 is even more powerful. And even more accurate. In case of signal loss, the quality of its holdover allows it to maintain a precise and perfectly reliable time reference.
Time management has always been our area of expertise. As a French manufacturer, we control the entire design and manufacture of our time servers. This is why the Netsilon 11 integrates a reliable PTP solution as well as a high-precision oscillator requiring low power consumption.

Netsilon 11: a highly accurate time server

For the most demanding sectors

Some activities cannot be satisfied with time accuracy that is only very good: time accuracy must be exceptional. This is the case in the finance and stock trading sectors because they need the exact time to timestamp transactions and ensure the traceability of records. These two sectors are part of the critical systems to which Netsilon 11 is able to offer ultra-precise timing. Its panel of option cards enable to adapt to the most comprehensive and complex network systems. This is one of the strengths of this time server, whose quality is renowned by all those who choose a Netsilon.
Each client who has a Bodet time server receives regular product and software updates containing both functional changes and security corrections. A guarantee of quality and durability.



Network protocol

  • NTP V2 / V3 / V4: Yes
  • SNTP V3 / V4: Yes
  • TIME + DAYTIME protocol: Yes
  • Number of NTP requests per second: 7,000

Network communication

  • HTTP / HTTPS: Yes
  • SSH v1.3 / SSH v1.5 / SSH v2 (OpenSSH): Yes

Network management and monitoring

  • IPv4 / IPv6: Yes
  • SMTP: Yes
  • SNMP v1 / v2c / v3: Yes
  • SYSLOG (UDP / TCP / TLS): Yes
  • Relay contact / External input: Yes

Technical information

  • Internal oscillator OCXO
  • Precision (average after 24h of GPS synchronisation) 1*10-11
  • Medium term stability (without GPS after 2 weeks of GPS synchronisation) 1*10-9/day
  • Holdover after 24h (after 2 weeks of GPS synchronisation at constant temperature) ±2.5 μs
  • Operating temperature From 0 °C to 50 °C
  • Dimensions 487 x 245 x 44.2 mm (19'' 1 U)
  • Power supply (without fan)
    DC : 22-30V / 3.2-1.9A
    AC : 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 1.9-0.8A


  • Activating/disabling protocols Yes
  • Single sign-on protection Yes
  • DES and AES encryptions Yes
  • SSL Encryption Yes
  • SCP Yes
  • SFTP Yes
  • LDAP / LDAPS / RADIUS authentication Yes

Reference signals

  As standard As an option
Inputs GNSS (GPS-GLONASS-Galileo-BeiDou)
Outputs NTP
10 MHz

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