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NTP/PTP time server: Made in Bodet

All our products are developed by our R&D centre and produced in our factory in Trémentines (France).

Our development and production management guarantees that we meet the customer’s requirements and an exceptional level of quality.


Made in France for the whole world.

Since 1868, Bodet has made mastering time its expertise. Today, we are going even further in this field, designing high-tech products such as time servers. A thirst for innovation, guided by the needs of tomorrow in France and abroad. Always designed and manufactured in France, for both hardware and software development.


Bodet Time Server, Made in France

Netsilon time server, the fruit of years of R&D


A modular, versatile system

With over 40 years of expertise in measuring time at a global scale, we have developed a product that can synchronise and distribute time with high-quality precision on all types of devices that can display the time.

In order to adapt our products to different expectations and sectors, we came up with a modular solution. This system enables you to add operating options that suit your needs (PTP, NTP, IRIG B, ASCII, 1PPS, 10MHz). No need to switch to a new time server each time your needs change: Netsilon grows as you do!

NTP GPS server and Netsilon SNTP server

durable time server

Made to last. And to be sustainable

A large number of electronic components in IT equipment generate heat. Therefore, they are generally equipped with fans, which cool the components but are prone to breakdowns and consume energy. This is not the case with Netsilon, Bodet’s time server. Its fanless design with very low-power electronics limits the risk of failure, offering a robust product with an optimised lifetime. Its electricity consumption is reduced, making it more environmentally friendly to use.

Netsilon’s upgradable design makes it ready for the next generation of technology and is designed to meet the many standards and best practices for network security.

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Netsilon, the 100% Bodet time server

Netsilon, imagined and produced by our teams, is entirely designed, developed and manufactured in our facilities. Choosing Netsilon means choosing a sustainable solution that benefits from regular software updates.

Photo: CMS Service - Bodet clean room

Bodet clean room