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NTP Timer server.

Netsilon 7: simple and affordable.

Each facility must have a time server to respond to major cybersecurity, time synchronisation and timestamping issues.

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Netsilon 7: a precise time server

An essential product to meet essential needs

Netsilon 7 is everything you expect from a time server: a precise and accurate time for reliable timestamping of events.
Effective and easy to use, it is a concentration of technology that meets the latest standards. This is done securely thanks to its internal time base and single sign-on protection. It meets regulatory obligations in terms of cybersecurity, an issue that is now unavoidable in all sectors of activity.

Netsilon 7: time accuracy

Time accuracy at an affordable price

Its technical characteristics perfectly match the needs of non-critical systems. It synchronises the IT network(s) and all IT equipment (computers, printers, video surveillance systems, etc.). Thanks to the accuracy of the time distributed, timestamping allows you to build an accurate and reliable database of events that occur on the network. These data enable you to monitor that the equipment is functioning correctly.



Network protocol

  • NTP V2 / V3 / V4: Yes
  • SNTP V3 / V4: Yes
  • TIME + DAYTIME protocol: Yes
  • Number of NTP requests per second: 7,000

Network communication

  • HTTP / HTTPS: Yes
  • SSH v1.3 / SSH v1.5 / SSH v2 (OpenSSH): Yes

Network management and monitoring

  • IPv4 / IPv6: Yes
  • SMTP: Yes
  • SNMP v1 / v2c / v3: Yes
  • SYSLOG (UDP / TCP / TLS): Yes
  • Relay contact / External input: Yes

Technical information

  • Internal oscillator TCXO
  • Precision (average after 24h with GPS or GLONASS signal) 1*10-9
  • Stability (average after 2 weeks with GPS or GLONASS signal) 1*10-7/day
  • Holdover (after 2 weeks of GPS or GLONASS synchronisation at constant temperature) 5 ms (after 24h)
  • Operating temperature From 0 °C to 50 °C
  • Dimensions 487 x 245 x 44.2 mm (19'' 1 U)
  • Power supply (without fan)
    DC : 22-30V / 3.2-1.9A
    AC : 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 1.9-0.8A


  • Activating/disabling protocols Yes
  • Single sign-on protection Yes
  • DES and AES encryptions Yes
  • SSL Encryption Yes
  • SCP Yes
  • SFTP Yes
  • LDAP / LDAPS / ADIUS authentication: Yes

Reference signals

  As standard As an option
Outputs NTP NTP
24 V impulses

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