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Which time servers and clocks to choose for providing an accurate and synchronised time display in an airport?

Whether analogue or digital, for indoor or outdoor use, airport clocks must display an accurate and identical time to both travellers and ground personnel.

Bodet analogue and digital NTP clocks are connected to the airport computer network and synchronise with the time information distributed by a Netsilon time server.

A time server synchronises with GNSS time signals and provides a reliable, accurate, secure and identical time to all clocks and equipment of an airport infrastructure.

Since 1974, Bodet Time has been recognised for its expertise and time management by the air transport industry.

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Why displaying a reliable, accurate and synchronised time in an airport?

Delivering a reliable and secure time to all equipment installed in an airport is paramount as it guarantees time management, equipment reliability, and the punctuality of staff and travellers. By distributing a synchronised time via the NTP protocol, a time server ensures the smooth operation of all equipment installed in the different airport terminals.

Control of air traffic requires accurate and continuous synchronisation of radar surveillance systems to ensure traffic safety and fluency. To do so, a time server connected to a satellite reference time source will provide an exact and accurate time via the PTP protocol. As a result, distributing a synchronised and secure time allows organisation of flight schedules, coordination of take-offs and landings, thus contributing to the safety and efficiency of global air transport.

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Reliable and secure time server - Airport

A time server: the flagship product for delivering an accurate, reliable and secure time in an airport

A time server delivers the same time information across an entire airport infrastructure.

In order to provide an accurate, reliable and identical time to all equipment, an NTP time server delivers a synchronised time across the different terminals and passenger areas...

  • Broadcasting of an identical time across all airport clocks
  • Synchronisation of PLCs, access control, video surveillance, security gates, flight information display systems (FIDS)
  • Accurate timestamping of events for security and surveillance systems

... and also to air control equipment using the PTP protocol

  • Accurate and secure synchronisation of traffic surveillance systems
  • Microsecond coordination even in the case of loss of reference signal
  • Highly accurate timestamping of events for smooth operations

Discover the Netsilon 9.

NTP clock - Airport

Reliable, accurate airport clocks, all synchronised with the same time.

Installed in unlimited number in all airport terminals, they all display a single time.

Synchronised clocks provide accurate and identical time information to all airport personnel and passengers.

  • Synchronised by a time server and installed in unlimited numbers in all airport terminals, NTP clocks display an exact and accurate time.
  • Bodet NTP clocks are connected to the computer network and feature a built-in SNMP supervision protocol allowing report of any anomaly in order to ensure the continuous operation of each clock.
  • They are connected to the existing network cabling and known for their ease of installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Developed and tested to meet airport requirements, Bodet clocks withstand acts of vandalism (stone throwing), outdoor climatic variations (-20°C / +55°C) as well as heavy rain (IP 65).

Available in several sizes to be visible from afar, NTP analogue clocks offer optimum readability regardless of where they are installed: external entrances, departure lounges, restaurants and duty-free shops.

Featuring several LED colours to choose from, NTP digital clocks can be found in customs and baggage reclaim areas. The World Style clock fits perfectly into check-in counters.

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How to equip an airport for a synchronised time display?

Time servers and clocks suitable for airport structures

How to equip an airport for a synchronised time display?

Control tower

Control tower
How to deliver a synchronised time from the control tower?
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External entrances

External entrances
Which outdoor clocks to choose for airport entrances?
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Departure/arrival halls

Departure/arrival halls
Which clocks to install in airport concourses?
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Customs areas

Customs areas
Which clocks to choose for customs areas?
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Restaurants, duty-free area

Restaurants, duty-free area
Which clocks to install in restaurants and the duty-free area?
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VIP lounges

VIP lounges
Which clocks to choose for VIP lounges?
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Departure lounges

Departure lounges
Which clocks to choose for departure lounges?
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Baggage reclaim area

Baggage reclaim area
Which clock to choose for baggage reclaim and customs areas?
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Operations centre

Operations centre
How to synchronise airport clocks?
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Installation example of a synchronised time distribution in an airport

Installation example of a synchronised time distribution in an airport

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Distributing a synchronised time from the control tower

How to distribute a synchronised time from the control tower?

A reliable, accurate and secure time source for air controllers

Unlike the risks involved in sourcing time data from the internet, a Netsilon time server retrieves a secure reference time using its own GNSS antenna.

Indeed, a time server redistributes the UTC time in an identical and accurate way using the PTP protocol to all air traffic control equipment. A highly accurate OCXO HQ oscillator combined with a sustainable design make Netsilon 11 the essential product for organising flight departures and arrivals continuously.

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Clocks for airport external entrances

Which clocks to choose for airport external entrances?

An exact and synchronised time at each airport entrance

A must for all travellers, the clocks situated near an airport and at terminal entrances indicate the same time as all the other airport equipment.

These clocks are connected to the airport computer network and receive a secure UTC time reference. Whether analogue or digital, the Profil 750 and HMS LED 15 synchronised clocks withstand strong climatic variations both in summer and winter time, and provide accurate time information to all travellers whatever the outside temperature.

To meet the specific needs of airports, we recommend a time distribution via the NTP protocol which allows distribution of a reliable and accurate time to an unlimited number of clocks.

Bodet NTP clocks are connected to the airport NTP time distribution and have a built-in supervision function via SNMP which allows remote reporting of anomalies. This automatic feedback significantly reduces airport maintenance costs.

Analogue clocksOutdoor LED clocks

Clocks for airport concourses

Which clocks to install in airport concourses?

Displaying the local time and that of the destination country to synchronise travels

As they are ready for departure, both travellers and the flight crew wonder about boarding time.

Likewise, when landing after a long flight and a significant time difference, passengers often lose their time reference between the departure and the arrival country.

The World Style clock helps travellers find their bearings in time. Featuring multiple time zones and customisable, this clock displays the time from 3 to 7 cities and is often installed in airport departure and arrival halls. Indeed, it indicates both the local time and that of the cities served by the airport. As a result, each time information is being automatically synchronised according to the different time zones.

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Clocks for customs areas

Which clocks to install in customs areas?

A reliable time for optimising time traceability of customs operations

An unavoidable step in the journey, the customs area monitors various data and records the entry and exit of each passenger.

It is essential to carry out reliable and accurate timestamping of each operation in case of failure. Netsilon time servers ensure reliable timestamping of each anomaly that occurred on the network of an airport and guarantee exact traceability of information for all equipment: passport scanners, passenger transfers, and so on.

As travellers often have to wait in this area, passing through customs can become a source of stress in the case of a delay. Widely used in customs areas, the Style 5 and Style 7S clocks are simple, accurate and luminous while indicating a readable time at all times in these busy places.

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Which clocks to install in restaurants and the duty-free area?

Which clocks to install in restaurants and the duty-free area?

An exact time information to save as much time as possible in restaurants and duty-free shops

Do you have time to spare before a flight? It is the perfect opportunity for airports to improve their profitability and for travellers to have something to eat and make last-minute shopping in duty-free shops before taking off.

Reliable time synchronisation and a clearly legible time display allow passengers to optimise their time in restaurant and duty-free shops. An accurate time information also ensures that travellers and ground personnel arrive in the departure lounge on time.

For optimum display of synchronised time in airport passenger areas, we can find the Profil 740 metal analogue clocks as well as the Style 5 digital clocks.

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Clocks for VIP lounges

Which clocks to choose for VIP lounges?

hour, date, ambient temperature: comprehensive information for lounges

VIP lounges are waiting areas which provide maximum comfort to VIP passengers. Since they are used to staying in airport transit areas, VIP travellers optimise their travel time by working on their ongoing projects.

These passengers enjoy simple and accurate display indicating essential information such as the time, the date, the week number, the day or the ambient temperature. The Cristalys Ellipse and Opalys Date LCD clocks fit perfectly into these privileged waiting areas.

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Clocks for departure lounges

Which clocks to choose for departure lounges?

Access to reliable and accurate time before taking off

When installed in the departure lounge, the countdown to boarding begins. So how to fill the time left before taking off? During this transition time, travellers need to keep themselves busy until the cabin crew arrives at the boarding gate. There are many things to do; however, it is necessary to keep an eye on the clock.

Style 10S clocks show passengers how much time they have left before taking off, with a precision to the nearest second. Their 10 cm high digits and LED display make it quick and easy to tell the time from up to 40m away. The Profil 740 is a timeless clock with its brushed stainless steel bezel and its tempered glass pane.

Time references suitable for departure lounges.

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Clocks for baggage reclaim areas

Which clock to choose for baggage reclaim areas?

An easily legible time reference

Once landed, after navigating through long corridors and passing through customs, comes the wait to reclaim your baggage. The Style 5 and Style 7S indoor NTP clocks are a must-have of baggage reclaim areas and provide an easily legible time, at both day and night.

time distribution via the NTP protocol allows for the smooth operation of all clocks. The Bodet NTP clocks are connected to the airport computer network and feature a built-in supervision function via SNMP, which enables remote detection of any problem occurring on the network. This automatic feedback via the use of log files allows reduction of maintenance costs.

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Synchronising time in an airport

How to synchronise time in an airport?

Coordinating operations in real time with an exact and synchronised time distribution

Within an airport infrastructure, the challenge is to deliver a secure, reliable, accurate and identical time to the three main areas of an airport: planes, baggage reclaim and passenger areas.

Within the computer network of the airport structure, time servers control the time synchronisation of different NTP equipment: Passenger Information System (PIS), passenger check-in, luggage coordination, customs gates and scanners, flight information display systems (FIDS), security system, video surveillance equipment, clocks, and so on.

A redundancy installation is required to ensure continuous and accurate time synchronisation. In the case of loss of time reference, the Netsilon 9 second time server takes over the primary time server (Netsilon 11) thus ensuring continuous service.

When dealing with non-intentional interference as well as jamming and spoofing attempts, the secure GNSS antenna ensures the integrity of time signal. Besides, using the SNMP protocol allows reporting of all anomalies occurring on the network and also identification of potential cyberattack threats.

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