Amazon delivery centre

Time management for a logistics hub

The Amazon France hub in Saran, near Orléans, handles thousands of parcels every day. To make it even more efficient, the e-retailer recently created a unit which only sorts parcels. This new building enables Amazon to provide a better delivery service for its customers.


13,000 m²
30 Styles
time synchronisation

The importance of time management

Sticking to deadlines is of paramount importance for this new hub, hence the criticality of time management. Amazon’s new delivery centre needed a time synchronisation solution that would synchronise the time display with the audio system.

Bodet digital clocks

A complete time management solution

To meet the needs of Amazon’s new delivery centre, Bodet opted to install LED Style 7 digital clocks and Melodys speakers to notify workers of the key moments in their days. And to synchronise the time across these devices, we advised Amazon to install a SIGMA Master Clock. This device broadcasts a reliable time to all audio and time systems.

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Toyota Boshoku

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