Toyota Boshoku plant

Time distribution in the car industry

The Toyota Boshoku plant at Somain in northern France produces seats, air filters and passenger compartments for the car industry.


250 employees
8 Harmonys / 10 clocks
complete time management

Complete time management

On this production site, time management is very important. It is crucial that deadlines are met for the purposes of the production chain and work organisation.

360° solution for the car industry

A 360° solution for the car industry

Bodet recommended a complete solution for the Toyota Boshoku plant in Somain. To make it easier to communicate information, we installed a Harmonys audio system. It plays bells to notify workers of the important moments in the day, alarms if intruders are detected, and voice messages via the Harmonys microphone. To display the time we installed Style 7 clocks inside the plant and HMT LED clocks outside, which give a quick and accurate read-out of the time. Lastly, to synchronise all time and audio devices, we opted for a SIGMA Master Clock.

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