Bodet Time - Synchronise every moment

Synchronise every moment

All the advantages of having an accurate and reliable time.

Setting the pace for the school day; announcing break times on production lines; timing the duration of a surgical procedure; distributing a synchronised time to a set of clocks and all devices connected to the IT network (PC, video surveillance, PLC’s, patient records, clocking terminals); ensuring traceability of events.

Whatever your needs, the uses are numerous and specific. With over 40 years of expertise, Bodet Time solutions are suitable for your business.

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Tailor-made Bodet Time equipment according to the business sector

Which equipment to choose for my business sector?

Schools, tertiary sector companies, industries, retirement homes, clinics or hospitals: we offer assistance adapted to the regulations of your business sector. Customised solutions according to your needs.

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Bodet Time offers a wide range of clocks

How to choose a clock?

With almost 50 clock models, Bodet Time offers solutions to suit every need: digital or analogue clocks, for indoor or outdoor use, small or large, resistant to water, dust, sun or impacts, multilingual, with multiple time zones, battery-operated, solar-powered or powered by electricity, with wired or radio synchronisation.
You can find the solution most adapted to your needs.

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How to leave an audio message to the people present in my facility?

How to leave an audio message to the people present in my facility?

Implementing a security plan in a school, broadcasting bells between classes, reminding residents of a nursing home that an activity is taking place, implementing a security plan in public facilities to alert people in the event of threat or attack.

Regardless of your business, there are plenty of opportunities to communicate within a facility.
Find out why Bodet Time audio systems are suited to your facility.

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What is
time synchronisation?

What is time synchronisation?

Time synchronisation is the preliminary phase of time distribution. The master clock or the time server retrieves an accurate time from a reference time signal, either from a constellation of satellites (GPS, Galileo, Beidou, GLONASS) or a terrestrial antenna (ALS, DCF).

The master clock or the time server receives the UTC message and distributes the time information to the devices that are connected to it. During summer/winter time changeover, the server carries out the automatic time setting of equipment according to your time zone.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a master clock or a time server:

  • The master clock distributes an accurate time to a network of clocks.
  • The time server delivers a reliable, secure and highly accurate time information to all devices connected to the IT network, especially clocks.

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Specifiers - Technical specifications

For specifiers

Find all the information and files you need in order to easily prepare your projects and write your technical specifications Depending on your business or the technology used, you can easily configure the Bodet configurator and receive a customised technical description.


Over 150 years of French manufacturing

Over 150 years of French manufacturing

Bodet Time is a subsidiary of the Bodet group (1868), which designs and manufactures all its products in France, in the Trémentines production site. The Bodet group has built its reputation and expertise in time management while respecting local production and ecological impact.

Who are we?

Our references

Time distribution and synchronisation within a banking institution Located in the city of New Cairo, the Central Bank of Egypt 5th Settlement called on Bodet to install several clocks and a time synchronisation system for the distribution of precise,...

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Time distribution in healthcare. The Sainte Anne-Marie International Polyclinic (PISAM), a leading healthcare infrastructure in Ivory Coast for over 30 years, intended to equip its hospital facility with a new range of clocks. Aware of the...

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Time distribution in a Moroccan train station. This station was opened in 1923 and underwent renovation work in 2008. In 2020, following refurbishment of its built heritage, the Rabat-Ville train station asked Bodet services to handle their special time...

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