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Indoor Harmonys Flash

Interior luminous speaker

Harmonys interior luminous speakers flash in time with bells or lockdown alerts.

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Indoor Harmonys Flash description

The Harmonys interior luminous speaker emits flashes in tandem with the bell schedule or when alarms are triggered.

The device operates over IP (IT network).

Applications: schools, public buildings, industry, noisy environments, etc.

Indoor Harmonys Flash

Technical features

  • Power: POE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Protection index: IP30
  • Dimensions HxLxD: 157 x 93 x 53 mm
  • Wall-mounted

Operating modes

  • Predefined light sequences
  • Strobe has 4 adjustable light levels

Indoor wall-mounted Harmonys

Indoor Harmonys Flash

Indoor Harmonys Flash


Outdoor Harmonys

Outdoor Harmonys Flash

Outdoor Harmonys Flash


Harmonys microphone


Harmonys control box

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