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A complete display. In a large choice of languages.

Indoor LED clock - Style 10D

A complete display thanks to its absolute time precision and a date available in 23 languages. Perfectly suited to the finance and transport sectors.

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Style10-Date LED-clock - date display in different languages

The Style that sends you on a journey.

The Style 10D goes beyond the borders of France, where it was made. It travels overseas, in particular thanks to the 23 languages it offers. To get the most out of this feature, this multilingual clock also offers a double date display: select 2 languages and display them alternately. Your clock can be equally suitable for France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, and Arab-speaking countries.

Style10 Date LED clock for use in different sectors

For the most demanding sectors.

The second major asset of the Style 10D is its efficiency in the transport and finance sectors. Hour, minutes, date... It displays complete time information in places that require a rapid response and great punctuality: stations, airports, metro stations, tramway, trading rooms, banks and banking establishments. It also has several types of mountings and installation that optimise its visibility: wall, ceiling, mast and double face. So that everyone can access this essential information immediately.

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Displays available

Displays available

Seconds display not available


Day week display available

Day week

Day number display available

Day number

No week number display available

Week number

Date display available


Multilingual date display available

Multilingual date

Digital date display available

Digital date

No temperature display available


No text display available


No event countdown display available


No day countdown display available

Day countdown

No Timer display available


No adjustable brightness

Adjustable brightness

LED colours

LED colours

Style-10-Date LED-clock-
Style-10-Date LED-clock
Style-10-Date LED-clock
Style-10-Date LED-clock
Style-10-Date LED-clock

Technical information

Technical information

  • Dimensions: 65.4 cm x 34.65 cm
  • Display mode: 12 hours or 24 hours
  • Character height: 10 cm (digits), 7 cm (date)
  • Optimal viewing distance: 40 m (digits), 30 m (Seconds)
  • Reading angle: 120°
  • Eco mode: Yes
  • Use: Indoor
  • Time distribution: Independent, impulse, ALS radio, DCF radio, DHF, AFNOR, NTP/ETH and NTP/Wi-Fi.
  • Waterproof: No
  • Recess-mountable: No
  • Time change: Auto
  • Wall mounting: Yes
  • Ceiling mounting: As an option
  • Mast mounting: As an option
  • Power supplies:
    • Independent, impulse, AFNOR, DHF radio and NTP/Wi-Fi: 100-240 VAC
    • ALS radio, DCF radio: 100 -240 VAC.
    • NTP/ETH: PoE (Power over Ethernet).

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