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Metal analogue clocks

Profil 700: Metal analogue clocks, stylish and reliable

Stainless steel analogue clocks with tempered glass lens, particularly well suited to industry and the hospital sector. Available in two sizes: 30cm (Profil 730) and 40cm (Profil 740).

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Profil 700 metal analogue clocks

Clock with minute/second hands

  • features and multilingualClock sizes

    Available in 2 sizes: 30cm and 40cm.

  • Optional featuresEnvironment

    Indoor models.

Profil DIN dial analogue clockProfil numerals dial analogue clockProfil minute notches dial analogue clock

Dial types

3 types of dial markings available on PROFIL analogue clocks: minute notches, numerals or lit dial.

Metal casing colour

Colour available: Stainless steel.


Time synchronisation: reliable and accurate time

Bodet develop and manufacture time synchronisation systems: receiving antennas, master clocks and time servers.

Profil 700 analogue clocks are compatible with: DHF, NTP, AFNOR and impulse.

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icons consumption poe elv battery

Clock power supply

Choose the power supply for Profil 700 analogue clocks according to requirements: Battery, low voltage or POE network.

Mounting brackets

  • Conventional fastening discs (slight spacing between back of clock and wall) or slimline (clock flush with the wall)
  • Double-sided brackets

Advantages: all the conventional brackets (wall or double-sided) are compatible with all clocks in the Profil range.

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