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Clock, loudspeaker and strobe. 3 products, in one single device.

A sound system offering a more comprehensive package than an audio sounder. Discover Harmonys Trio

Harmonys Trio broadcasts bells, lockdown alerts and silent alerts, displays the time and LED text messages, has a strobe... These are just some of the functions that make it the preferred solution for classrooms... and design offices. Discover it exclusively here first, before its commercial release in the first half of 2020.


Lockdown alert

When a clock, sounder and strobe come in one package

This new sound system, designed for classrooms, is the latest addition to Bodet Time's Harmonys IP sound system range. Harmonys Trio brings together 3 products in one:

  • A clock offering a time display that is accurate, reliable and easy to read thanks to a master clock and LED display
  • A sounder to mark key moments in the school day with easy-to-schedule bells, raise the alarm quickly in case of threat with pre-recorded alert messages (Anti-terror lockdown plan) and create custom atmospheres with audio streaming
  • A strobe to draw attention to the messages being broadcast

For more information delivery options, Harmonys Trio has an LED display that can also be used for preset – static or scrolling – texts instead of the time.

How can you deliver information clearly and quickly to all classrooms?

Harmonys Trio is perfectly suited to school environments (primary and secondary schools, colleges, etc.). It offers numerous advantages:

  • The information broadcast is easier to understand and visible to all thanks to 3 different delivery modes: audio, text and luminous strobe
  • Silent alerts can be broadcast in case of threat for more discretion: the alert message is delivered using only the luminous strobe and LED display
  • Messages can be activated with just one user action for all devices even if the messages they broadcast are different: this means it is possible to schedule different text or audio messages for the different places where Harmonys Trio is installed
  • Easier installation: just one cable is necessary instead of 3
  • An attractive price: a cost saving of around 50% – including installation – by combining 3 different products (clock, bell and strobe)
  • Combining 3 products in one is more environmentally friendly: Harmonys Trio consumes less energy and fewer materials are used for manufacturing and installation
Schoolchild visual

Microphone, loudspeaker, remote control... a whole range of useful accessories can be added to your device

Harmonys Trio belongs to the Harmonys IP sound system range, so it can be connected to all the devices in the range. This makes additional functions possible:

  • Microphone announcements can be made live or played back in the whole establishment or in one specific location: using a microphone or an application available for iOS and Android for played-back announcements
  • Alerts can be triggered remotely in the event of a major risk: via a remote control or an application available for PC, iOS and Android
  • Messages and alerts can be broadcast outdoors to reach as many people as possible: luminous strobe and audio


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