Lockdown remote control

Lockdown alert HF radio remote control

Remote control to trigger the lockdown alert in schools and colleges.


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Description lockdown remote control

The Lora remote control triggers the lockdown alert fast on Harmonys and Melodys sounders.

Option to pair up to 48 remote controls with the receiver.


Technical features

  • Power supply:
    - Remote control: 3V (CR2032 lithium battery)
    - Receiver: 12V from the master clock GPS or DHF input
    - Receiver: 24 V from the master clock impulse output
  • Dimensions HxLxD:
    - Remote control: 72x39x11mm
    - Receiver: 80x120x50mm
  • Consumption:
    - Broadcast: 35 mA
    - Cut-off: 16 mA
  • Output signal power: 10 mW
  • Frequency: 868.30 MHz
  • Receiver protection index: IP56, IK08

Operating modes

  • Receiver connected to the Sigma master clock on its external input or 3-input add-on board.
  • 4-key remote control to control up to 4 relays (DIP switch configuration of controls which are independent or shared between the relays).

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