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Indoor analogue solar clock – Profil 930 L

The Profil 930 L clock is innovative as it is a 100% standalone solution. Powered by natural and artificial light, it is easy to install since no wiring is required for power and the synchronisation is made via Bodet DHF radio waves.

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The Profil 930 L is a 100% standalone clock

A 100% STANDALONE clock

In its wish to design efficient products with lower environmental impact, Bodet created the Profil 930 L clock. This model operates using a light energy source such as sun or artificial light. Its intelligent and innovative technology allows it to operate without batteries in an office or a hallway. This clock also allows immediate measurement of the light it receives.

For example, this solution allows the user to reduce maintenance costs by not having to replace batteries in the clocks. Both light (0.8 kg) and aesthetically pleasing, this clock is available in two colours. The 930 L is a DHF-synchronised clock compatible with other DHF products from the BODET range.

An eco-designed, sustainable and ecological clock

As part of the ISO 14001 process established for several years by the Bodet Group, all the elements included in this clock were chosen in an eco-design and circular economy approach.

The 930 L is an eco-designed, sustainable and ecological clock

Regarding its mechanical features:

  • The background of the black version has been injected with 100% recycled material. Other parts are made of recycled thermoplastics.* Number 1
  • The wall and cell brackets are made of 100% recycled materials from our own workshops. Number 2

Regarding its electronical features:

  • The organic solar cells are completely re-usable and have a low environmental impact compared to classic photovoltaic cells made of rare or toxic components. Number 3
  • The cells have been manufactured by a French local supplier.
  • The clock stores is energy without using any batteries due to a patent process and no maintenance is required.
  • The clock has a radio synchronisation. Therefore no wiring is required.

*The white version is made of recycled thermoplastics.

Light and solar energy

Light and solar energy

Operation without batteries

Operation without batteries

Made of recycled materials

Made of recycled materials

DHF synchronisation

DHF synchronisation

Possible markings





Casing colours

Profil 930 L White Casing
Profil 930 L Black Casing

Technical information

  • Diameter: 32 cm
  • Display mode: 12 h
  • Time change: Auto
  • Viewing distance: 20 m
  • Eco mode: Automatic
  • Use: Indoor
  • Power supply: standalone with two built-in solar cells (no batteries).
  • Operation : 100 Lux as a minimum
  • Time distribution: DHF
  • Waterproof: IP54 (IP67 at the front)
  • Recess-mountable: No
  • Wall mounting: Yes with antitheft system
  • Ceiling mounting: As an option
  • Mast mounting: As an option

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