The smallest of the TGV clocks.

Indoor analogue clock - Profil TGV 930

The Profil TGV 930 is suitable for use in corridors, waiting rooms or small train station halls. Lightweight, it is often installed on its double-sided stand for better visibility.

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The Profil TGV 930, a small functional clock

Small. But functional

The Profil TGV 930 is the smallest in the Profil TGV range. With a 30cm diameter dial, the hours and minutes are perfectly readable from a distance of up to 20m. This clock is also the lightest. Its weight, between 0.9 kg and 1.3 kg, allows for quick and easy installation on any surface.

Easy reading for the Profil TGV 930 clock

Small spaces, big visibility

This indoor clock blends well into any type of decor. Its small size means it can be displayed in any station area: reception desks, corridors, waiting rooms, shops, restaurants, and so on. And for optimal visibility, thanks to its multiple supports, it can be installed anywhere: on a wall or ceiling, mast-mounted or double-sided.

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Technical information

  • Diameter: 27.8 cm
  • Display mode: 12 hour
  • Optimal viewing distance: 20 m
  • Eco mode: No
  • Use: Indoor
  • Time distribution: ½ minute series impulses, 24 V minute impulses, AFNOR, ALS radio
  • Waterproof: No
  • Recess-mountable: No
  • Time change: Auto
  • Wall mounting: Yes
  • Ceiling mounting: As an option
  • Mast mounting: As an option
  • Power supply:
    • AFNOR: 230 VAC

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