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Time change: winter time is coming soon.


This weekend we will sleep an hour more. Indeed, the change to winter time is approaching, while nearly 83% of French people are in favor of abandoning the time change. But how much longer will we have to adjust our watches and clocks?


The clocks change. It’s still a hot topic.

Last March, we were talking about the changeover to summer time. Today, the subject is winter time. “Again!” some people will think. After having been established for the first time in 1916, then abolished in 1945 and put in place 30 years later (in 1975), the French government, and more broadly the European Commission, wishes to definitively abandon the time change.

The polls have been focused on Europeans.

In the summer of 2018, the European Commission organised a survey on the famous time change. In total, more than 4.6 million respondents gave their opinion. And 84% of them would prefer an end to the time change. In February 2019, 2 million French people expressed their position: among them, 83% would be in favour of abandoning the time change. But then what time should be chosen? Summer or winter time? This decision can only be taken after an agreement between the Member States in order to avoid too sudden repercussions between countries, especially border countries.

A decision is expected soon.

During these consultations, a deadline was imposed. A decision had to be taken before 1 April 2020. Except that since April, the COVID-19 pandemic has left the government with no respite, so the time change has taken a lower priority.

So what about it? Will the end of the time change be in 2021? Will Europe be on summer time? Or winter time? Will there be groups of countries with summer time and others with winter time? It would appear that the government authorities are still in talks about this famous time change. We will continue the story in 2021.

And what about Bodet clocks in all this?

If you are equipped with Bodet clocks, don’t worry. All Bodet clocks are automatically set to the time according to the time zone of your country. Summer or winter time, the question no longer arises.

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