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Clocks will soon change to winter time!


 The same questions are always asked when autumn settles in: when does time change occur? Do clocks go forwards or backwards by an hour? And when will time change be abolished? Indeed, winter time is almost there and days will be shorter. But the good news is that we will sleep one hour longer starting this weekend!


When will time change occur?

Winter time is getting close! During the night of Saturday 29 to Sunday 30 of October 2022, at 2 a.m, it will be 1 a.m: we will therefore sleep one hour longer! Good news that should delight big sleepers. However, starting this date, the sun will go down sooner: as such, the night will quickly fall.

How to know if clocks go backwards or forwards by an hour?

It is not always easy to remember which way to turn the hands: should the clock go backwards or forwards by an hour? A simple mnemonic can be used in order to remember it: spring forward, fall BACK, clocks go BACKwards to change to winter time.

Why do clocks change to winter time?

Time change has been established for energy saving purposes: gain more natural light and reduce the power consumption of households.

For more information about the history of time change, please see our news published in March


Will time change be abolished?

After being first introduced in 1916, then abolished in 1945, only to be reintroduced 30 years later (in 1975), the French government, and more specifically the European Commission, wishes now to abolish time change. However, due to the sanitary crisis related to COVID-19, the time change subject is no longer on the agenda.


What about Bodet clocks?

If you have Bodet clocks, do not worry. All Bodet clocks automatically set themselves to the correct time according to the time zone of your country. No need to ask if clocks go forwards or backwards by an hour!

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