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The Profil 930L solar clock, an innovative product focused on the future

Bodet Time introduces the new clock from the Profil range: the Profil 930L solar clock. An innovative project giving concrete expression to an eco-design approach, from design to packaging. This solar clock uses the photovoltaic technology from ASCA, thus ensuring a complete energy autonomy under any light conditions (artificial or natural light).

An operation without using batteries: such is the promise of the latest clock from the Profil range. Indeed, this clock features a patented energy storage system in order for it to operate autonomously. The 930L is powered by solar cells from ASCA, global leader in organic photovoltaics.

Anthony Boigné, Product Manager at BODET TIME, looks back on this collaboration: “We have considered all the possibilities in order to reduce the environmental impact of this clock, be it during the different steps of the manufacturing, during use, until its short-circuit recycling. Each component has been selected for its low carbon footprint while maintaining a high level of performance, free of rare metals and favouring some bio-based, recycled and reusable materials from our own production lines...” - Find the whole testimony on the press release.

A global approach which allowed to considerably reduce all waste as well as costs over the entire product life cycle.

To know more about this innovative product, discover the page dedicated to the Profil 930L: Sustainable and ecological indoor analogue solar clock


Profil 930L

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