Price displays

Petrol price display with high-luminosity

Bodet offers LED displays kits with integrated standard protocol dedicated to the display of Petrol Price Sign for gas stations.

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Advantages of our LED display for petrol price sign

    • Flexibility: The control board directly incorporates the standard protocols.
    • Easy integration: The compact control box is easily housed in the sign structure.
    • Reliability: The LEDs are protected from short circuiting and the modules are tropical climate-proofed.
    • User-friendly configuration: With the KarbuConfig software, you can configure the price sign in just a few clicks.
    • Easy maintenance: The electronic LED boards are easy to replace, and digits within a line are interchangeable.


Technical features of our LED display

  • Single-sided display of 1 to 10 lines or Double-sided display of 1 to 5 lines.
  • 5 digit heights: 15, 20, 25, 30 and 42 cm.
  • 4 LED colours: red, white, yellow, green.
  • Standard protocol: Tokheim, Wayne Dresser, Scheidt & Bachmann...
  • Price adjustment with wireless keypad and KARBU PRICE software.

Karbu Config: configuration software

All adjustments are carried out using our KarbuConfig software:

  • Number of sides.
  • Number and format of lines.
  • Protocol type.

Solution for stand alone fuel price display in petrol stations

Bodet offers electromagnetic kits with solar power supply and GSM control making the system truly stand alone.