A box dedicated to the triggering of messages and alerts signals

Harmonys - IP button box

The button box is a fast and practical solution for all those who wish to manually trigger bells, pre-recorded messages and emergency alerts.

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Inform and alert with the Harmonys IP Button Box

Inform and alert with one solution

Installed at the reception desk, manager's office or in the control room, the IP Button Box can, depending on its configuration, trigger information messages, melodies or alerts (in case of emergency or threat : Lockdown Alert System). Its easy-to-use and intuitive front panel allows you to operate the controls at your fingertips. Fixed to the wall, it is easy to locate for the person responsible for security, who must trigger the alarm in the event of a major risk. This system is PoE powered for faster installation. The button box is connected to the SIGMA master clock via the computer network. This master clock receives the commands from the box and can broadcast melodies and alerts from the Harmonys range of loudspeakers.

The IP Button Box is a scalable and extensible solution

A scalable and extensible solution

The box has 4 fully-customisable keys giving freedom on the type of action to be performed. The user will be able to easily associate a sound alert with a voice message. By combining the options, such as the 4-button extension, this box can manage up to 16 different actions (melodies, alerts, workshift bells, break bells,heating ot lightning control, intervention request, predefinied call, etc.). For greater responsiveness and flexibility, several trigger points can be equipped by duplicating the boxes or by using the mobile remote control application: Harmonys Notify. So the Harmonys system can be adapted to the needs and size of the site.

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Programming the Harmonys Button Box is easy via the SIGMA software

Easy-to-program buttons

Fully configurable, the buttons on the box can be customised with a few clicks of the Sigma software. Installed on a central computer, this software lets you define alerts for each button (alerts, lockdown, intrusion, stop function, or other pre-recorded custom messages). This makes programming easy to access. For more efficient management of security within the infrastructure, the administrator can also go to the embedded web server of the product to modify and adapt, according to his needs, the advanced parameters.


Manual command

Manual command

No scheduled broadcast functionality

Scheduled broadcast

Possible extensible-solution feature

Extensible solution

IP connection


Compatible with Harmonys products


Alert broadcast

Alert broadcast

Sound signal

Sound signal

Number of actions

Number of actions
1 to 8 (1 box)

Technical information

  • Dimensions: 167 x 88 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 326g
  • Power supply: PoE
  • Protection index: IP41, IK06
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +50 °C
  • Use: Indoor

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