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  • Why is it important to have an audio and alert system in a nursing home?
Pourquoi a-t-on besoin d’un système audio et d’alertes dans un EHPAD ou une résidence senior ?

How to remind residents of entertainment times, without going round all the rooms? How to assist them in their loss of space and time? How to discreetly and efficiently inform the nursing staff that an incident is taking place and reinforcements are needed?

How to ensure employees and residents’ safety? How to implement safety measures in my facility?

Are you a manager of a nursing home wondering how to improve communication within your facility? There are solutions available to suit your needs. Let’s find them out:

1. Punctuating the daily life of nursing home residents

The everyday life of people living in nursing homes can seem routine to some. Others will struggle to remind themselves of the current date or time of activities. The audio solutions also help to punctuate the daily life of retirement home residents and facilitate the organisation of the nursing staff.

The different products from the Harmonys range punctuate residents’ lives, promote their well-being and encourage them to take part in the life of the facility by broadcasting:

  • Announcements of key moments of the day such as meal, outings and entertainment times through the use of customised and pre-recorded messages
  • Music known for its therapeutic effects and convenient to relaxation, comfort and entertainment
  • Live general announcement across the facility to make it easier to inform and communicate on facility activities

An audio system also facilitates the organisation of the facility as well as the communication among the nursing staff. From the reception or its office, the nursing home manager can:

  • Address specific messages to the nursing staff using the microphone. According to the needs, the sound is broadcast to one zone, several zones or all the speakers of the facility
  • Program pre-recorded messages to easily and discreetly alert nurses and nursing assistants
  • Broadcast voice messages at regular times to all or part of the retirement home

2. How to implement a safety plan in a nursing home

Some audio systems have also been designed to help nursing home managers implement their own safety plan. These solutions usually offer products such as speakers, microphone, luminous flash that ensure safety and trigger alerts in the event of natural, technological or human risk.

These audio and alert systems also allow:

  • Protecting retirement homes against external threats such as intrusion alerts
  • Reassuring patients through the broadcasting of live messages in the event of lockdown, during weather alerts for example
  • Alerting the nursing staff (without worrying the residents) of the current risks or emergencies (run away, violent behaviour, fainting fit of a resident)
  • Transmitting audio messages to deaf and hard of hearing people by using a decoder for magnetic induction loop amplifier especially designed for hearing aids (Harmonys Line)
  • Meeting safety needs through display of text messages, transmission of voice messages as well as broadcasting of luminous flash alerts (Harmonys Trio)

The office of the nursing home manager can be equipped with a button box in order to trigger an alert to all or part of the facility. Thus, the nursing home manager can discreetly notify the police in case of threat or intrusion. When absent, the manager can even be remotely informed of the triggered alerts.

As French leader in the installation of programmed bells and threat alarm systems, Bodet Time regularly assists retirement home managers in the implementation of their security plan with its Harmonys audio and alert solution.

3. How to help residents find their bearings in time?

As one gets older, find one’s bearings in time can become more and more difficult and confusing. As a result, clocks turn out to be the essential equipment in a nursing home. The digital clocks usually display the time and date, thus making the residents’ daily life easier. As they are all synchronised to an identical time, the clocks are really helpful for residents who have lost their sense of space and time. Installed in hallways, nursing staff rooms, changing rooms and offices, the analogue clocks help punctuate the daily life of entertainers, nursing and administrative staff of a retirement home.

With its Style 7 Date, Style 10 Date digital clocks, its LCD clocks or its metal analogue clocks, Bodet Time helps nursing home managers to display an identical date and time on all clocks installed in the facility.

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