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Why is time synchronisation so important?


Why is time synchronisation so important?

Why is time synchronisation important for your network infrastructure?

To work, your network infrastructure needs a single accurate time reference.

All IT equipment has an embedded hardware or software clock which is used by the equipment to timestamp files, transactions, events, images, etc.

This internal clock drifts over time, like any ordinary watch. It becomes an issue when these devices are connected to a network and share common resources such as file systems. For example, logging messages from multiple systems becomes very difficult if they are not at the same time.

How to synchronise your infrastructure

The most secure way to synchronise your network is to use a time server.

The server synchronises to a reference time and broadcasts it locally, securely, in your infrastructure using standard time protocols (NTP, PTP).

Equipped with a high-performance time base, the time server continues to deliver an accurate and reliable time even in the event of temporary loss of the reference signal.

Our servers enable you to capture a reference time via:

  • Satellite (Galileo, GPS, Glonass, Beido),
  • Radio (ALS162, DCF77),
  • Ethernet (NTP pool).
How to synchronise your infrastructure