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The Harmonys product range

The Harmonys product range consists of audio system to broadcast a choice of programmed bell sounds, music, and live or recorded announcements.

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Harmonys Line

Audio IP systems: quick and easy set-up

The Harmonys range includes sounders, microphones as well as a control box to play music, relay messages and broadcast announcements via the computer network.

Using your current internet network, Harmonys is quick and easy to set up.

The benefits of Harmonys audio systems

  • Easy to set up: Uses the existing internet network.
  • Quick programming of alarms thanks to an intuitive software.
  • Multiples sources: Webradio, Webmusic, CD, USB, SD Card etc.

Continuous magnetic induction diffusion system

Public access buildings are required to have their reception area fitted with an audio solution with continuous magnetic diffusion. This makes use of the “T” mode in hearing aids for hearing-impaired people.

Harmonys Line allows you to connect to a loop amplifier with a magnetic induction loop to relay warning messages, microphone announcements, and alarms for hearing-impaired people.


Advantages of IP technology

The Harmonys range communicates with the IP computer network which offers a number of benefits:

  • Simple installation: use of the existing computer network.
  • POE supply: simple cabling.
  • Quick and easy configuration of equipment via Bodet's Sigma software.

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