The large-scale Profil.

Indoor analogue clock - Profil 960

This is the largest of our analogue clocks. The Profil 960i is perfectly suited to large indoor spaces.

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A large diameter for Profil 960i

The biggest of all

The Profil 960i is basically the largest of all of our Profil analogue clocks. Its name is well chosen: the Profil “960”, just like its dial diameter of 60 cm and its perfect readability from up to 60 m away. Its generous dimensions also apply to its hands: 24cm and almost 32cm for its hour and minute hands respectively. And to complete its XXL aesthetic, choose the dial that you prefer (numbers, lines or DIN).

The Profil 960 Indoor clock designed for large spaces

For all large interior spaces

Its large size ensures optimal time reading from up to 60m away, making it suitable for the most spacious indoor areas. It fits perfectly into all types of large indoor halls and corridors, particularly in the education, healthcare and public administration sectors. Its double-sided mounting option makes this clock easily readable, not only from a distance but also from the far side of your infrastructure.

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Possible markings

Number marking

Arabic figures

Line marking

Minute notches

DIN marking


Case colours

Profil White Case

Technical information

  • Diameter: 66 cm
  • Display mode: 12 hour
  • Optimal viewing distance: 60 m
  • Use: Indoor
  • Time distribution: DHF, NTP, AFNOR, impulse, independent
  • Waterproof: No
  • Recess-mountable: No
  • Time change: Yes (except independent synchronisation)
  • Wall mounting: Yes
  • Ceiling mounting: As an option
  • Mast mounting: As an option
  • Power supplies
    • Quartz 1.5 V: 230 VAC
    • AFNOR: 6-24 VDC
    • NTP: PoE (Power over Ethernet)

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