Option cards for time servers

Upgrade your time server to suit your needs

Being modular is what makes Bodet time servers so unique. Buying a time server is a long-term investment for your business, but even so it can be hard to predict what we'll need in 5 or 10 years. This is why we offer modular NTP time servers which by using option cards will evolve with your company.

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A modular, upgradeable time server

The modules that we offer will ensure that your Bodet time server will change as your needs do. Our option cards can help to increase your computer network's compatibility in order to ensure time synchronisation and distribution to your company's hardware.


Netsilon 7

Option cards for NTP time servers
CardQuantityType of signalConnectorMax. num. of cardsTypical power
2x ports -- RJ45, 10/100/1000 BASE-T 2 [5 ports max. /Netsilon (1 on the main server + 2 per card)] 4.6W
Fibre Network
2x ports -- SFP - Giga Ethernet 2, or 4 ports max per Netsilon 4.6W
Current loop
1x output Analog Terminal block 1 less than 1W
2x outputs (independent) Amplitude modulation Terminal block 4 less than 1W
1x output 24 VDC (Min or 1/2 Min) Terminal block 4 30W during pulse, 2W on average

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Option cards for NTP/PTP time servers
CardQuantityType of signal and connectorsMax. num. of cardsFormatPrecisionMode
Inputs: 1x PPS + 1x Frequency (10MGz)
Output: 1x PPS
Input: TTL (BNC) Outputs: TTL or 10V (BNC), or RS485 (terminal block) 50 Ohm 6 -- -- --
Alarm relay
3 contacts NO/NC relay (terminal block) 1 -- -- --
Input: 1x or 0x
Outputs: 2x or 4x
Amplitude modulation (0.5 to 6V peak-to-peak, 50 Ohms) or shift in DC voltage (not modulated) on BNC connector. 6 IRIG A, B, E, G, NASA 36 ± 2-200 μs (depending on format) --
Inputs: 1x Output: 1x RS232 (DB9) + RS485 (terminal block) 6 ICD-GPS-153C: 53, 5040, 5101 (SINCGARS); NMEA: GGA, RMC, ZDA; broadcast formats ± 100-1000 μs (depending on format) --
Ethernet (NTP)
3x ports NTP (RJ45) 1 -- -- Enabled or disabled (NTP server)
Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
Input: 1x Output: 1x Inputs: BNC or Optical Fibre Outputs: BNC or RS-485 or Optical Fibre 6 IEEE-1588 V2 ± 4 ns The selection of master or slave clock is automatic (operation: 1 or 2 steps)
Pulses per Second (PPS)
Inputs: 1x PPS + 1x Frequency (10MGz)
Output: 1x PPS
Input: TTL (BNC) Outputs: TTL or 10V (BNC), or RS485 (terminal block) 50 Ohm 6 -- -- --

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