Time Display in Railways

Time display, a crucial element in railways

Bodet has been a supplier to French railways for many years, notably with the famous black-and-yellow-handed clocks. Time display is essential in train stations for informing passengers and ensuring the rail traffic.

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Master Clock - SIGMA MOD

Optimise management of your railway: our Master Clocks provide reliable and identical time for all your sites (platforms, ticket stands, staff areas, etc.).

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Outdoor Analogue Clock - PROFIL 950E

Furnish your railways with simplicity and clarity: with its moving-hand display, the analogue clock is the classic time display piece.

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Outdoor LED Clock - HMS LED 15

Travellers can ensure they are on time with HMS LED clocks that guarantee reading the time is fast and easy.

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Clients who chose Bodet for their time display needs

ONCF – Morocco / RATP – France / RENFE – Spain / SNCB – Brussels / SNCF – France / SNTF – Algeria


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