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In the healthcare sector, accurate time can be the important information that will make the difference between life and death. No matter the size or scope of your medical facility, time is used in many different processes and systems, and ensuring its precision will increase patient care and efficiency.

Administering medication

Medical staff, at the hospital or elsewhere, are required to record the time for many elements of patient care, and never is this more critical than when administering medication. Failure to accurately record when medication has been administered to a patient, or failure to administer it at required intervals, can lead to potentially fatal results.

It is critical that all your staff have easy access to a device displaying the time, and one that you can guarantee is both accurate and synchronized, not just your usual clock. Synchronization is crucial since it’s possible patients could be moved to another department between doses. This ensures that all medication is administered exactly when it should be across your whole facility. It also maintains continuity with patient record keeping, as things like patient vitals are checked at the same exact frequency, even after shift changes.

Precision timing for surgery

Surgery requires precision in every aspect, including timing. This accuracy allows staff in your operating theatre to make split second decisions during critical situations with total confidence in their timekeeping.

Following a cardiac arrest, the length of time resuscitation should be carried out for needs to be strictly measured, making timing a critical part of the life-saving process. Anaesthetists require similar precision when it comes to administering anaesthetics to patients at the right intervals. Failure to adhere to these exact timings can lead to many complications and failures in patient care.

Efficient administration

Most healthcare facilities have patient targets to achieve and are under pressure to be as efficient as possible. Displaying accurate, synchronized time across your facility eliminates confusion and means that both patient appointments and staff shift changes take place promptly.

Since the majority of administrative tasks in medical care are now computerised, it’s also critical to synchronize your networks with precise time. This enables all events to be accurately timestamped and processes such as backing up patient records to occur without error.

In short, to offer the best possible care for patients and ensure efficiency, every single clock and networked device across your facility should be synchronized with accurate time.

Bodet’s Synchronized Time Solutions

In healthcare, you need a time synchronization solution which will ensure accuracy, security and reliability. Bodet’s Netsilon NTP (Network Time Protocol) Time Server is the perfect answer, distributing a continuous and accurate time signal across your clocks and network devices.

Netsilon time servers offer clear advantages in security to alternative time synchronization methods, such as internet time servers. Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly frequent, especially against public organisations storing personal data, making medical facilities a prime target. Whereas internet time servers require an open port in your firewall, creating a vulnerability which can be exploited by viruses and hackers, Netsilon sits within your firewall to ensure network security.

Netsilon is designed and manufactured by Bodet, using its years of experience in the time synchronization field to produce a system you can rely on. With no need for an internal fan, the risk of hardware failure is greatly reduced, along with power consumption.

Bodet also produce a range of synchronized clocks designed for healthcare, including LCD digital clocks with low-light displays and silent running to avoid disturbing patients, and LED digital countdown clocks which can be used as a chronometer. All our healthcare clocks comply with hygiene standards and are easily cleaned.

Supplying both NTP time servers and synchronized clocks, Bodet is perfectly positioned to provide a total synchronized time solution to ensure the highest standards of patient care in your medical facility.


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