Capio La Croix du Sud Clinic - Toulouse

Supplying clocks to a hospital

The La Croix du Sud clinic in Quint-Fonsegrives near Toulouse is run by the Swedish medical group Capio. It is a 33,000 m² medical establishment with 29 operating theatres, an emergency department, a maternity ward and a radiology centre.


410 beds
61 Hospital Styles

Time display suited to the hospital environment

To equip its new clinic, the Capio group wanted functional clocks that complied with hygiene standards.

Style 5S Hospital digital clock

An LED clock designed for hospitals

The Style 5S Hospital digital clock is specially designed for operating theatres. It is recess mountable, which limits the build-up of dirt and helps the clock stand up to the cleaning products used in healthcare. it is functional, displaying the time in hours-minutes-seconds format, and can be converted into a stopwatch controlled via a keyboard. This feature can be useful during operations or to keep track of treatments.

Installed solutions

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