Northern Franche-Comté Hospital

Time equipment in the healthcare sector

Located in central Belfort, Northern Franche Comté Hospital serves the 350,000 residents of the Belfort-Montbéliard-Héricourt conurbation. The site, in the Trévenans district, comprises a 14,000 m² logistics centre and a care unit with more than 800 beds.


25 Profils / 70 Styles

Time management in a hospital setting

Northern Franche Comté Hospital wanted its clocks to meet the hygiene and usage requirements of its various units. Time management is also crucial in order to ensure patient well-being and keep track of treatments.

STYLE LED clock and Style 5S Hospital digital clock

A complete time installation

To meet Trévenans Hospital’s various time display needs, Bodet installed Profil 930 analogue clocks, Cristalys 7 LCD clocks and Style 7D LED and Style 5S Hospital clocks. The latter is particularly suited to hospital environments and hygiene standards. It also offers a keyboard-controlled stopwatch mode. These clocks are controlled by a SIGMA Master Clock which synchronises the clocks using IP technology with supervised time distribution. Supervised time distribution helps to cut maintenance costs by reducing the journeys technical staff need to make.

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