French National Order of Physicians

Installation of time synchronisation and distribution systems

The Order of Physicians is a French body that champions the honour and independence of the medical profession. It is the national guarantor of the principles of morality and care quality, and contributes to innovations in the field of medicine.


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Data security

Taking complete control of its time distribution

To fully coordinate its activity with all its members, the French National Order of Physicians needed a reliable synchronisation system capable of managing all its devices that use time information. In addition, working with several other agencies, data security is very important for the National Order of Physicians.

Netsilon Bodet CNOM LED clock

A complete time synchronisation solution

To synchronise all the devices used by the French National Order of Physicians, we opted for the Netsilon time server. This solution synchronises time data across a network of devices, while also ensuring information security. In addition, in order to display this accurate time to all staff and visitors, Style 7 Ellipse clocks were installed.

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