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COVID-19: the challenge of a safe return to schools.

From preschool to primary, secondary and beyond, all school facilities have been impacted by the COVID-19. To provide the best possible conditions for returning, all schools must adapt to changing safety protocols.

This presents a major challenge on several levels. Reassure pupils, students, parents and teachers about returning to school. Finding the right tools to promote good adherence to safety measures and give regular reminders. Reducing the risk of cyberattacks despite the increasing use of online platforms to deliver lesson content. Challenges analysed in this article.


best practice

Adopt best practice for a calm, trouble-free return to school.

The top priority is to preserve everyone’s safety. School environment must continue to be a safe place, ensuring that people coming on-site are well protected.

Although safety protocols may be different for each country, there are some best practice guidelines that we can all follow:

  • Physical distancing
  • Application of barrier measures
  • Limiting the intermixing of pupils/students
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of premises and equipment
  • Training, information and communication

These measures should be applied with strict vigilance and regular reminders, particularly for hand washing (on arrival at school, before entering the classroom, before and after eating, end of day before going home).

“Learning through repetition”.

And in these uncertain times, everybody is concerned: pupils, students, parents, teachers, staff, outside visitors. The aim is to increase awareness and to involve all stakeholders in promoting good habits and therefore minimising the risk of transmitting the virus. These new habits must become second nature and this can only be achieved .by giving regular and clear messages. This is made possible using an audio system.

safety in schools

Safety: now a real consideration when choosing a school.

The safety factor is becoming an increasingly relevant consideration for students – and their parents – when choosing their future school. They are alert to the school’s ability (or inability) to protect them properly and, more specifically, the equipment used to guarantee their safety. Included in this equipment are audio and alert systems, highly effective for broadcasting clear and impactful messages. As well as the essential safety aspect, the reputation of a school is also a factor.

Safety and security also extends to your IT networks.

The digital transformation is spreading rapidly in various market sectors, and education is no exception. The widespread use of personal laptops for students, the use of online platforms for remote learning, teamworking on shared digital tools and cloud software. Just some of the new practices that harness the many advantages of the Internet – but also expose its weaknesses: cybercriminals are increasingly targeting schools. Network security is not always guaranteed and yet is of primary importance. There are indeed a number of easy-to-install devices, such as a time server, that can be put in place to reduce cyberattacks.


What specific solutions are available to address these problems?

Schools have to review their organisation in order to intagrate these new constraints and to ensure a safe return for eveybody.

Increase awareness and set a pace with an audio system:

  • Give reminders of barrier measures and safety measures to promote good application
  • Set the pace of the school day (break time bells, start and end of lessons, etc.) to control the volume of people in corridors
  • An accurate time display in every classroom
  • Provide information by broadcasting messages, either scheduled or live
  • Ensure wide accessibility of messages broadcast


Time server

Support digitisation with an internal time server

  • Enhance network security
  • Reduce the risk of cyberattacks
  • Secure time distribution
  • Guarantee an accurate, reliable and identical time display
  • Synchronise all devices on one or more networks
  • Timestamp network events


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