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Bodet, The Leader in Time Display for Over 40 Years

For more than 40 years, Bodet clocks have been trusted products in education, transport, healthcare, finance and industrial sectors, both for their quality and precision.

Bodet offers a wide range of analogue, LCD and LED clocks. Our clocks are synchronised via a Master Clock to guarantee accurate and identical time across your organisation.

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Why choose Bodet clocks?

    • Accurate and identical time across your entire clock network.
    • Several time synchronisation standards supported: AFNOR, Impuls, DHF, NTP.
    • Several clock styles: Analogue, LCD & LED clocks.
    • Automatic Summer / Winter changeover.


We chose Bodet for the brand’s reliability and the product’s aesthetics. These clocks allow us to have a better view of the time, an essential point in our business since employees are given a specific amount of time to work on each product.


Bodet’s position as the market leader influenced our choice. Bodet’s Bell Systems and clocks really do make a difference. We see it every day.

Richel Serres

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