High schools in the Haute Vienne département

Provision of lockdown equipment to 14 high schools in the Académie de Limoges sub-division

There are 32 high schools in the Haute Vienne département. Although these institutions function in a very similar way, they sometimes offer attending pupils and members of the public a very different working environment. That is why Bodet provides various levels of equipment to meet the needs of educational institutions.


650 Harmonys

Introduction of the French government's anti-terror lockdown plan

Since September 2016, the French ministries of education and the interior have opted to enhance the anti-terror lockdown plan by adding the risk of attack/intrusion to the list of major risks. Like all French educational institutions, the high schools in the Haute Vienne département must meet this additional requirement.

Harmonys audio system

Devices meeting Lockdown standards

Our Harmonys Audio over IP system was chosen to equip these 14 high schools. To meet the needs of all settings and all types of audience, interior and exterior speakers along with luminous speakers were installed. In addition, each institution selected the lockdown alert triggering mechanisms that best suited its needs: control box, remote control or GSM control. On each site, a SIGMA Master Clock and an ALS162 antenna were installed to synchronise the time across all devices.

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