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Bodet Time Support

Netsilon time server – Firmware

Discover the firmware to update your Netsilon :

BODET ServeurTemps Netsilon face

Netsilon Firmware

Version: V1.1C02


NTP server - PC software

Discover the free and evaluation versions of NTP Monitor:


Free version of NTP monitor

Description: It can be used to synchronise a computer. This version does not provide access to customer support
Version: -



Bodet NTP demo software

NTP monitor evaluation version

Description: It allows users to test all the functions of the paid version for 30 days
Version: -


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Updates may be possible but require assistance from our customer support team.

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Harmonys - Firmware


Harmonys wall speaker

Harmonys speakers (audio - indoor/outdoor/line)

Description: Firmware for Harmonys speakers.
Version: V1.1A45



Harmonys control box

Harmonys control box

Description: Firmware for Harmonys control box.
Version: V1.1A04



Harmonys microphone

Harmonys Microphones

Description: Firmware for Harmonys microphone.
Version: V1.1A13



Harmonys - Smartphone and PC apps


Smartphone and PC app Harmonys Notify

Harmonys Notify

Description : Smartphone and PC app to schedule and trigger your alarms and alerts remotely

PC app :
Smartphone app :


Smartphone app Harmonys Talk

Harmonys Talk

Description : Smartphone app to broadcast microphone announcements

Smartphone app :


APC app Harmonys Stream

Harmonys Stream

Description : PC app to stream sound from your computer to speakers.

PC app : Picto-TelechargerDOWNLOAD

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Updates or enhancement for your system may be available but require help from our technical support.

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PC software


Bodet Detect software

Bodet Detect

Description: Software to inventory and configure supervised NTP clocks.
Version: V1.1B12





Profile 930-940

Description: Firmware for Profile 930 and 940 clocks NTP PoE
Version: V1.1B07





Description: Firmware for Style Style 5,7 and 10 NTP PoE
Version: V1.1B10




Cristalys - Opalys

Description: Firmware for Cristalys and Opalys clocks NTP PoE
Version: V1.1A18



Are you unable to find the update for your equipment, or are you in doubt?
Updates may be possible but require assistance from our customer support team.

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