Our references

Years of experience in time management

Since the creation of the company in 1868, Bodet has become a world leader in time measurement and management thanks to its many years of experience.
Our products are manufactured in our factory in Trémentines, France, where all the skills needed for the production process are located.









Custom made

Installation of a time distribution system of the Grand Mosque in Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

40 clocks, 24 carat gold plated, left our production plant based in Trémentines (France) on 23 July 2010. The clocks are equipped with a LED light display to indicate the time and the name of the next prayers in English and Arabic. The time bases and NTP server are synchronized by GPS to calibrate the prayer times to sunrise as provided for Muslim worship. This prestigious reference reinforces the presence of Bodet in the Arabic world and showcases our expertise in industrial clocks.

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